What is the real voting population of INC?

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Comelec proclaims 28 winning party-list groups

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Monday proclaimed the 28 winning party-list organizations in the 2010 automated polls.

Comelec chairman Jose Melo, reading an en banc resolution, announced on Monday afternoon that the following party-list organizations will be awarded seats in the 15th House of Representatives:

  • Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens in the Philippines — 1,292,182 votes (2 seats)

    Godofredo V. Arquiza
    David L. Kho
    Francisco G. Datol Jr.
    Remedios D. Arquiza
    Linda G. David
    Nelso A. Sin


  • Akbayan Citizen’s Action Party — 1,058,691 votes (2 seats)

    Walden F. Bello
    Arlene J. Bag-ao
    Tomasita S. Villarin
    Ellene A. Sana
    Francis Q. Isaac
    Ruperto B. Aleroza


  • Gabriela Women’s Party — 1,001,421 votes (2 seats)
    Luzviminda C. Ilagan
    Emerenciana A. De Jesus
    Sheila A. Ferrer
    Nenita L. Cherniguin
    Leona M. Entena


  • Cooperative Natcco Network Party — 943,529 votes (2 seats)

    Jose R. Ping-Ay
    Cresente C. Paez
    Luis D. Carillo
    Divina C. Quemi
    Emmanuel L. Solis, Jr.


  • ABONO — 766,615 votes (2 seats)

    Robert Raymund M. Estrella
    Francisco Emmanuel R. Ortega III
    Jacky Rowena T. Lomibao
    Ronald Allan Q. So
    Ponciano V. Oria, Jr.


  • Bayan Muna — 746,019 votes (2 seats)

    Teodoro A. Casino
    Neri J. Colmenares
    Joven G. Laura
    Carlos Isagani T. Zarate
    Leovigildo A. Molon


  • An Waray — 711,631 votes (2 seats)

    Florencio G. Noel
    Neil Benedict A. Montejo
    Jude A. Acidre
    Victoria Isabel G. Noel
    Joi Bernaditt A. De Paz


  • Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. (AGAP) — 515,501 votes (1 seat)

    Nicanor M. Briones
    Rico Geron
    Albert Roque T. Lim Jr.
    Victorino Michael I. Lescano
    Benjamin A. Jaro


  • Alliance for Barangay Concerns Party (ABC) — 469,093 votes (1 seat)

    Arnulfo A. Molero
    Gerardo A. Panghulan
    James Marty L. Lim
    Fredelino O. Tudio
    Alfredito E. Forteza


  • Anakpawis — 445,628 votes (1 seat)

    Rafael V. Mariano
    Joel B. Manglunsod
    Randall B. Echanis
    George F. San Mateo
    Verleen H. Trinidad
    Gloria G. Arellano
    Roy G. Velez
    Felix M. Paz
    Jaime S. Paglinawan
    Edwin B. Batac
    Fernando L. Hicap
    Franchiquita D. Buhayan


  • Kabataan Party-list — 417,923 votes (1 seat)

    Raymond V. Palatino
    Mark Louie T. Aquino
    Kathrina R. Castillo
    Renil B. Oliva
    Ken Leonard B. Ramos


  • Abante Mindanao, Inc. (ABAMIN) — 376,011 votes (1 seat)

    Maximo B. Rodriguez, Jr.
    Virginia T. Sering
    Sergio C. Pascual
    Raynor T. Fulgencio
    Irenetta C. Montinola


  • Act Teachers — 369,564 votes (1 seat)

    Antonio L. Tinio
    Francisca L. Castro
    Efleda K. Bautista
    Jocelyn A. Bisuna
    Mae Fe G. Ancheta-Templa
    Gregorio T. Fabros


  • You Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP) — 335,635 votes (1 seat)

    Carol Jayne B. Lopez
    Arnel N. Arbinson
    Allen S. Ponsaran Jr.
    Kyrie Dea Maia TG Montemayor
    Vianney D. Garol


  • Ang Kasangga sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (Ang Kasangga) — 296,368 votes (1 seat)

    Teodorico T. Haresco
    Eugenio Jose V. Lacson
    Anna Maria G. Nava
    Enrique V. Martin
    Segundo M. Gaston


  • Bagong Henerasyon (BH) — 292,875 votes (1 seat)

    Bernadette R. Herrera-Dy
    Edgar Allan D. Dy
    Dan Stephen C. Palami
    Alexandrea R. Cruz-Herrera
    Druscella L. Medici


  • Ang Galing Pinoy (AGP) — 269,009 votes (1 seat)

    Juan Miguel M. Arroyo
    Dennis G. Pineda
    Romeo A. Dungca Jr.
    Jerold Domonick S. David
    Ryan M. Caladiao


  • Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano, Inc. (AGBIAG) — 262,298 votes (1 seat)

    Patricio T. Antonio
    Erika Caitlin T. Dy Hansel
    Joseph Michael L. Tillmann
    Visitacion A. Ordoveza
    Jorge A. Sales


  • Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) — 238,675 votes (1 seat)

    Mark Aeron H. Sambar
    Miles Andrew M. Roces
    Mark L. Daya
    Alberto D. Pacquiao
    Ernanie M. Calica


  • Arts Business and Science Professionals — 257,301 votes (1 seat)

    Catalina G. Leonen-Pizarro
    Eugene Michael B. De Vera
    Mary. T. Jazul
    Catalina O. Lanting
    Carlito B. Buentipo


  • Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) — 244,623 votes (1 seat)

    Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza
    Anthony B. Sasin
    Ruben D. Torres
    Roland C Dela Cruz
    Cecilio R. Seno Jr.
    Milagros D. Ogalinda


  • Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham at Teknolohiya Para sa Mamayan, Inc. (AGHAM) — 241,898 votes (1 seat)

    Angelo Palmones
    Anselmo G. Adriano
    Florentino O. Tesoro
    Ruby Ephraim M. Rubiano
    Cleotilde B. Elmedolan


  • Democratic Independent Workers Association (DIWA) — 238,675 votes (1 seat)

    Emeline Y. Aglipay
    Ramon D. Bergado
    Pepito M. Pico
    Leopoldo A. Blanco Jr.
    Federico A. Balang


  • Kapatiran ng mga Nakulong na Walang Sala — 234,717 votes (1 seat)

    Ranulfo P. Canonigo
    Ma. Jesusa A. Sespene
    Omar A. Rivera
    Carmelito D. Tunguia
    Fernando G. Mangungas Jr.


  • Kalinga Advocacy for Social Empowermennt and Nation Building Through Easing Poverty, Inc. (Kalinga) — 229,198 votes (1 seat)

    Abigail Faye C. Ferriol
    Uzziel F. Caponpon
    Osinando V. Quillao Jr.
    Irene Gay S. Ferriol
    Michael M. Cruz


  • Alagad Party-list — 227,116 votes (1 seat) (note : this is a partylist of Iglesia ni cristo)

    Rodante D. Marcoleta
    Diogenes S. Osabel
    Ric O. Domingo
    Sergio G. Manzana
    Rodrigo M. Olarte Sr.
    Miguel C. Malvar III
    Allan M. Maasir

  • 1 Ang Pamilya — 217,032 votes (1 seat)

    Reena Concepcion G. Obillo
    Protasio C. Asadon Jr.
    Alex B. Billedo
    Virgilio M. Rosete
    David N. Ramos


  • Alliance of Volunteer Educators — 214,760 (1 seat)

    Eulogio R. Masaysay
    Iris Marie D. Montes
    Adelaida R. Magsaysay
    Nicolas A. Brana Sr.
    Alicia M. Diel


12 responses to “What is the real voting population of INC?

  1. Jay-El ⋅

    Do you think the INC actually voted only 1 party-list? Are you insinuating that they voted only 1 paty list? The INC voted different party lists for each of their districts. I, being an INC member knows that in our Local here in Santiago City, Isabela, has 1837 members, we are the largest local here, take 3/4 and that’s our voting population for our local, here in Santiago City, there are 21 locals, the smallest is Capayacan with 112 members, we have about 12,000 to 15,000 voting members here in santiago city alone.

  2. toto onato ⋅

    @Jay-El: You mean INC voting for party list on per district basis??? Wow! That’s senseless if not foolish! How can you treat the election of a party list representative on a per district level? The truth is you need 6% of the total votes cast for party list nationwide in a national election to ensure victory of your maximum 3 nominees per party list organization to congress (if not, 2%=1 nominee; 4%=2 nominees).

    What does this mean? If there were 20,000,000 voters who voted for different party list then you need 1,200,000 (6% of 20 million) to secure 3 congress representation. You need 800,000 votes (4% of 20 million) for 2 seats and 400,000 votes (2% of 20 million) for 1 seat.

    How come you got 1 seat despite getting only over 200,000 votes%.
    Because you’re still lucky. COMELEC is mandated to fill up a total of 55
    representatives coming from party list and strict implementation of 2% per 1 seat would not complete the required number of party list representation in congress. Hence they have to lower the percentage criteria and accommodate the next in line like the Alagad and the others within the striking distance and allocated 1 seat each to fill up the congressional vacancy for party list.

    Telling us now that you treat this matter on a per district level would be a lot of bull and being able to elect your party list, even 1, would be highly improbable if not impossible. And by the way, do you mean the INC has multiple party list representation situated in at least every province all over the country?

    Your line of reasoning in furtherance of your deception is really absurd and stupid!

    • laurel

      Reason is we don’t care who wins… We cast our votes and then let the result decide who wins… We don’t put our fate on the leaders but to God alone, and our faith will decide our fate… You wont understand that unless your part of the Church… So keep your stat sheets to yourself cause in the end your earthly knowledge wont save you but your faith and the values you’ve learned which from your 25 liner 5 paragraph statement doesn’t contain anything but a defamation to yourself… What a pity sir, your smart but not wise..

  3. wagpotanga ⋅

    @toto anato
    hai ang daming talagang taong tanga… research ka muna bobo mo po kasi para po di ka nagmumukhang tanga dami mo pa pong sinulat

  4. elpidio karinyo ⋅


  5. aurea

    no matter what you think and say, politicians approach INC for support

  6. INC or INM. Hindi naman dapat iglesia ni kristoyan. Yan si Felix Manalo na gaya-gaya samga SDA. INM or Iglesia ni Manalo yan. Dapat nga INS or iglesianiSATANAS

  7. alvin ⋅

    pag nakita ng mga ugok na ito ang mga sample ballot ng INC makikita ng nagsulat ng blog na ito ang kaugukan nya… hoy bugoy binilang mo ang bomot sa party list ng INC. mag research ka muna mabuti bugoy ka, nakikita ang liit ng utak mo sa post mo.

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