Police-escorted road hog is from Iglesia ni Cristo – IGLESIA PALA!

POSTSCRIPT By Federico D. Pascual Jr. (The Philippine Star)


IGLESIA PALA!: Remember the white van with license plate No. RAP 407 that started a discussion in this space on arrogant officials who bully their way through traffic escorted by police vehicles armed with sirens and blinkers?

It turned out that that van is registered with the Iglesia ni Cristo — according to the records of the Land Transportation Office.

Now, why would the Iglesia enjoy preferential treatment? And why were two police cars assigned to escort it that day and scare away other motorists from its path?

Is that royal ride based on the Bible, or on the bursting ego of a bigwig from the Iglesia ni Cristo?


3 responses to “Police-escorted road hog is from Iglesia ni Cristo – IGLESIA PALA!

  1. Philip ⋅


  2. darlene ⋅

    arrogant ba o inggit ka lang kasi wala kang escort?.
    minsan kasi pinaparatangan natin ang ibang tao ng kung anu-ano pero ang totoo insecure lang tayo. tama diba?.

  3. joms ⋅

    whats the problem here? wasting time to read.

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