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[G.R. No. 127803.August 28, 2000]




It all started with an altercation during a basketball game.Three days later, or on 10 March 1992, the bodies of MARLON[1] Ronquillo; JOSEPH Ronquillo; ERWIN Lojero; ANDRES Lojero, Jr.; and FELIX Tamayo were fished out of the murky waters of the Pasig River, filthy, bloated, putrid, and decomposing.Postmortem examinations on the cadavers showed signs of foul play.

MARLON’s hands were tied at the back with a black electric cord.He had lacerated wounds, contusions, ligature marks and hematoma.He died from a gunshot wound on the head.[2]

ANDRES’ hands were bound at the back with a plastic flat rope with four loops.His genitals were cut off; and he had ligature marks, contusions, and hematoma.The cause of his death was “asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic.”[3]

JOSEPH’s hands were “hog-tied at the back using a basketball T-shirt.” He also had ligature marks, contusions, lacerated wounds and fracture.He died of “asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic with skull fracture.”[4]

ERWIN’s body showed abrasions and burns.There were cord impressions on his wrists and depressed fracture on his head and at the base of his skull.He died of “asphyxia by drowning with blunt head injury.”[5]

FELIX had abrasions on the left cheek and tie impressions on the wrists.The cause of his death was “asphyxia by drowning.”[6]

On 18 March 1992, five informations for murder were filed before the Regional Trial Court of Manila (hereafter the trial court) against Juanito ABELLA, Diosdado GRANADA, Benjamin DE GUZMAN, Edgardo VALENCIA, Renato Dante, and Virgilio de Guzman.The cases were raffled to Branch 52 presided over by the late Judge David Nitafan.Docketed as Criminal Cases Nos. 92-104529 to -33, the informations[7] identically read as follows:

That on or about March 8, 1992, in the City of Manila, Philippines, the said accused, conspiring and confederating together with others whose true names, real identities and present whereabouts are still unknown and helping one another, did then and there wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously, with intent to kill and with treachery and evident premeditation, attack, assault and use personal violence upon one Marlon Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104529), one Felix Tamayo y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104530), one Andres Lojero, Jr. y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104531), one Joseph Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104532), one Erwin Lojero y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104533)] by then and there hitting his head with guns, kicking him, tying his hands, [neck and private organ (additional allegation in Criminal Case No. 92-104531)] and thereafter throwing his body into the river thereby inflicting upon the latter mortal wounds which were the direct and immediate cause of his death thereafter.

Contrary to law. [Enclosures supplied].

On 25 March 1992, the informations were amended to include three other accused, namely, Joselito Crespo, Bienvenido Dugay and Danilo Abarete.[8] Upon arraignment all the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.On 26 August 1992, Joselito Crespo, Renato Dante, Bienvenido Dugay, Danilo Abarete and Virgilio de Guzman were dropped from the information.[9]

The prosecution’s version of the events is as follows:In the morning of 7 March 1992, MARLON, JOSEPH, and an unidentified companion played three rounds of basketball against the team of JOEY de los Santos at the vicinity of Dalisay and Lakas Streets, Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila.The Ronquillos won the first two rounds; but the third round ended in a brawl, which the neighbors quickly pacified.JOEY later went back to Dalisay Street carrying two pillboxes.A certain Donald Ancheta saw him, took the pillboxes and turned them over to a policeman.[10]

On 8 March 1992, between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., JOEY and his brother GENER threw stones at the Ronquillos’ house, attracting the attention of neighbors, who forthwith ran after the brothers.JOEY and GENER were overtaken and mauled before they were released.[11]

Between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. of the same day, WILFREDO Lojero, a certain Daniel, and the victims were in front of the Ronquillos’ house in Lakas Street, trading stories while awaiting a certain Aling Flor.[12] JOSEPHINE del Rosario was then at the corner of Lakas Street on her way to a friend’s house when the victims called her and asked her about her mother, who was a barangay kagawad at Bacood.They told her that they were waiting for Aling Flor to report to her that JOEY and GENER threw stones at the Ronquillos’ house.[13] Later, EVELYN de la Cruz joined the group in the conversation.[14] The area was then illuminated by a streetlight at the corner of Damayan and Dalisay Streets about ten arms-length away.

Suddenly, a dirty white Ford Fiera without a plate number stopped in front of the group. There were about ten to thirteen people on board. Among them were JOEY and GENER, who looked out of the van and pointed at the victims. All the passengers except for JOEY and GENER alighted.Their faces were covered with black handkerchiefs, and they were armed. Someone shouted, “Pulis ito!” Another exclaimed, “Walang tatakbo!” FELIX ran but stopped when shots were fired;he was hit with a gun then dragged into the van.WILFREDO Lojero, however, managed to sneak into the Ronquillos’ house and was able to see everything. The other victims were boxed, kicked, and also hit with a gun and dragged into the van.Before the van sped away, one of the abductors warned JOSEPHINE, “Ikaw huwag kang maingay, wala kang nakita, wala kang narinig.[15]

Meanwhile, at about 6:00 p.m. inside the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), Sta. Ana compound in Bacood, ELENA Bernardo was waiting for Pastor Cesar Almedina to seek his advice regarding her son-in-law’s problem.Pastor Almedina asked her to wait, and she did so.She waited until 10:00 p.m.Suddenly the guard switched off the lights inside the compound.With only the MERALCO light illuminating the compound from outside, she saw a dirty white Ford Fiera loaded with passengers enter and park in front of the pastoral house near the path leading to the basement.JOEY, GENER, all the accused and the victims were inside the van.Four of the victims were made to alight from the van, while the fifth one lay on the floor of the vehicle as though dead.The victims were brought to the basement, which was at the back of the chapel and beneath the choir office.ELENA followed.Inside the basement the victims were continually mauled, whipped with a gun, and beaten with steel tubes, lead pipes and other blunt instruments.One of the victims was tied with wire.Filemon Garcia arrived with a blowtorch and also entered the basement.ELENA heard the victims beg for mercy.Unable to endure the sight she sat in front of the chapel and stayed for 30 minutes.Pastor Almedina arrived and told her that they would talk about her problem at another time.Afterwards the victims were herded back to the Fiera.They seemed almost dead.[16]

On 10 March 1992, at 8:45 a.m., the lifeless body of FELIX was found floating on the Pasig River near Beata-Tawiran in Pandacan.At 12:25 p.m., ERWIN’s body was retrieved from the same river at the back of the Sta. Ana market.At about the same time, the decomposing bodies of ANDRES, MARLON and JOSEPH were also fished out of the Pasig River near Lambingan Bridge.[17]

SPO3 Myrna Ricasa prepared the crime report and was part of the group that conducted the police line-up on 13 March 1992.Witnesses to the abduction identified the accused from among five line-ups.JOSEPHINE identified ABELLA as among the passengers of the Ford Fiera.EVELYN pointed to GRANADA; Roy Ronquillo and Noel Estorel, who were not presented as witnesses, identified DE GUZMAN and VALENCIA, respectively.[18]

Appellants advanced alibi as their defense.They all claim to have attended the panata at the Punta Sta. Ana chapel on 8 March 1992 from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., save for ABELLA whose attendance was excused.The panata is a religious practice of the INC held for seven consecutive days as preparation for the santa cena or holy supper.In 1992, the panata was held from 8 to 14 March 1992 and the santa cena, on 15 March 1992.[19] VALENCIA testified that after the panata on 8 March 1992, he went home to San Juan, Metro Manila; it was then about 11:00 p.m.[20]For his part, GRANADA claimed that after attending the panata, he left the Iglesia compound with Filemon and Marilou Garcia.The three arrived at the Garcia residence in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, at 11:00 p.m. Filemon and GRANADA had snacks and watched two movies on the video player.It was already past midnight when GRANADA went home.[21] GRANADA’s testimony was corroborated by both Filemon and Marilou.[22]

ABELLA was a member of the PNP highway patrol group assigned to Mobile Unit No. 13 in March of 1992.His tour of duty was from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m.He was previously granted exemption from attending the panata.Together with PO3 Ferdinand Parolina, he patrolled Roxas Boulevard from the corner of T.M. Kalaw St. to the corner of Vito Cruz St. on 8 March 1992.ABELLA and Parolina parted ways at 10:15 p.m.[23] PO3 Parolina, who drove the mobile car, corroborated ABELLA’s testimony.[24]

According to former accused Bienvenido Tugay, on 11 March 1992 at 11:00 p.m., Major Joe Pring arrived at the Iglesia compound in Punta, Sta. Ana, with police officers, demanding entrance inside the premises.Since there was no order from his superior allowing outsiders to enter the compound, Tugay refused.Enraged, Pring asked for the names of Tugay’s companions.Tugay enumerated the names of appellants.[25]

The following day, appellants read their names in newspapers as among the perpetrators of the crime.Alarmed, they consulted the INC Central Office on what steps to take.Accompanied by Atty. Restituto Lazaro of the Iglesia’s legal department, appellants proceeded to see Gen. Diokno at the Western Police District Headquarters on 13 March 1992 “to clear their names.” Major Pring brought them to his office and hurriedly organized a police line-up.During the line-up Major Pring allegedly tapped all the accused on the shoulder as a signal to the prosecution witnesses for identifying them.Accordingly, appellants were identified.[26]

On 7 February 1995, after several instances where defense counsel questioned his orders and doubted his partiality, Judge Nitafan inhibited himself from further hearing the cases.The cases were re-raffled to Branch 35 presided over by Judge Ramon P. Makasiar, who penned the decision on 15 November 1996 convicting the accused.[27] The dispositive portion reads:

WHEREFORE, judgment is rendered pronouncing the four accused in these cases: JUANITO ABELLA y GARCIA, DIOSDADO GRANADA y SALCEDO, BENJAMIN DE GUZMAN y LABASAN, and EDGARDO VALENCIA y VILLANUEVA guilty beyond reasonable doubt of MURDER on five (5) counts, and sentencing each of them to the penalties of five (5) reclusion perpetua, and to pay the costs in proportionate shares.

The said four accused are further ordered, jointly and severally, to pay:

A.To Erlinda Ronquillo and Betty Ronquillo

1.P91,607.70 for actual damages,

2.P500,000.00 to each of them for moral damages,

3.P500,000.00 to each of them for exemplary damages;

B.To Domingo Tamayo

1.P33,125.50 for actual damages,

2.P500,000 for moral damages,

3.P500,000 for exemplary damages;

C.To Andres Lojero, Sr.

1.P60,716.00 for actual damages,

2.P1,000,000.00 for moral damages,

3.P1,000,000.00 for exemplary damages.


This decision was amended to include an award of P50,000 as indemnity for the death of each of the victims.[29]

Appellants are now before us contending that the trial court erred:













As to the first assignment of error, appellants contend that reliance on the testimonies of JOSEPHINE and EVELYN is misguided.In JOSEPHINE’s testimony she expressly named the abductors as GRANADA and a “good-looking guy,” referring to ABELLA, who “could be easily remembered”; but in her sworn statement she only mentioned GRANADA.Such omission of an important detail casts doubt on the veracity of her identification of ABELLA.Neither did EVELYN identify ABELLA, De Guzman and Valencia during the police line-up and in her sworn statement of 11 March 1992, although she pointed to all appellants when she testified in court.That GRANADA was recognized both by JOSEPHINE and EVELYN in a dimly lit place at night because of his gray hair is likewise unworthy of belief.

Appellants claim in their second assignment of error that ELENA’s testimony was a mere concoction with loopholes that were revealed during cross-examination.Her insistence that all the victims were stabbed was disproved by medico-legal findings.Her testimony was uncorroborated by either testimonial or physical evidence and was even contradicted by the ocular inspection as observed by the presiding judge himself.Admittedly holding a grudge against GRANADA, she is a biased witness motivated by vindictiveness.

In their third assignment of error, appellants allege that the circumstances relied upon by the trial court were not established with certainty.The only circumstances proven were the basketball altercation, the stoning of the Ronquillos’ house, FELIX’s attempt to flee and the fact that the victims were fished out of the Pasig River.Testimonies on the abduction are patently inconsistent with each other.Nothing connects the appellants to the basketball altercation or the stoning of the Ronquillos’ house.The link between appellants and the De los Santos brothers is tenuous.

Appellants next assert that their defense of alibi gained strength because they were not positively identified.They further maintain that the use of superior force as a qualifying circumstance was not alleged in the information and could not therefore serve to elevate the killing to murder.Neither could treachery be considered, as there were no witnesses to the actual killing.Lastly, appellants equate their move to “clear their names” to the mitigating circumstance of voluntary surrender.

We affirm the conviction of appellants.After a careful scrutiny of the witnesses’ testimonies, we find that all the appellants were positively identified as the ones who abducted and killed the victims.


JOSEPHINE readily recognized GRANADA from among the abductors who alighted from the Fiera, as he was her neighbor and she has known him since she was a child.In spite of the black handkerchief covering GRANADA’s face, JOSEPHINE was familiar with his physique and physical features, particularly his prematurely graying hair.She was in front of the victims when they were abducted.[31] When part of the face of the accused is not visible, positive identification is difficult.Nevertheless when despite such artifice the witness is familiar with the accused,[32] or his identity is not sufficiently hidden due to his physical appearance,[33] or there are extraneous factors,[34] recognition is facilitated.Identification becomes quite an easy task even from a considerable distance, once a person has gained familiarity with another.[35]

With regard to ABELLA, JOSEPHINE was able to recognize him as one of the abductors because he had no cover on his face and he was a “good-looking guy” who “could easily be remembered.” The alleged inconsistency between her sworn statement where she failed to mention ABELLA and her testimony in court is imaginary.JOSEPHINE’s testimony was merely an amplification of her sworn statement in which she admitted:

21. T:Maliban kina BOBOT, JOEY at GENER, mayroon ka pa bang nakilala?

S:Mayroon pa po akong namukhaan ngunit hindi ko alam ang kanilang mga pangalan.[36]

It is probable that she found out ABELLA’s name only after the sworn statement was executed.There is no inconsistency when what the witness stated in open court are but details or additional facts not mentioned in the affidavit.[37]

EVELYN testified that she recognized the appellants as among the abductors of the victims and then proceeded to name them in court.[38] She particularly recognized GRANADA, as she had seen him on several occasions.Her assertion that GRANADA’s face was not covered, contrary to JOSEPHINE’s testimony, does not detract from the fact that GRANADA was indeed one of the abductors. The handkerchief covering GRANADA’s face could have fallen off in the course of the commotion.Besides, it is not to be expected that all witnesses viewed the abduction at the same stages.

WILFREDO was part of the victims’ group when the abduction took place, but he ran for safety after one of the abductors fired warning shots.He allegedly recognized GRANADA despite the handkerchief on the latter’s face.GRANADA’s white hair and pointed nose became rooted in WILFREDO’s consciousness as GRANADA got off the van, introduced himself as a policeman, and fired two warning shots.Most often the face and body movements of the assailant create an impression which cannot be easily erased from memory.[39]

Not only was WILFREDO physically present and an eyewitness when the abduction took place, but more importantly two of the victims were his brothers.Blood relatives have a definite stake at seeing the guilty person brought before the courts so that justice may be served.It would be unnatural for a relative who is interested in vindicating the crime to accuse somebody other than the real culprit.[40]


ELENA’s testimony is sufficient to convict appellants.She positively identified all the appellants as among the passengers of the Fiera and whom she saw torturing the victims.She could not have been mistaken in identifying them because she knew them very well, they being deacons of the INC.[41] She was only four meters away when the Fiera passed by her. [42]Her identification must have been confirmed when appellants alighted from the Fiera and proceeded to the so-called basement.Out of curiosity, she followed and stayed near the door of the basement[43] where she saw appellants and their cohorts maul and torture the victims.Although the electric lights inside the compound were switched off she could see the culprits and the mauling of the victims, since the place was illuminated by two streetlights outside.[44]

The appellants attack, for being contrary to physical evidence, ELENA’s testimony that she saw some of their cohorts, particularly Boy Valencia and Virgilio de Guzman, stab the victims.Indeed, the post -mortemexamination on the bodies of the victims yielded no finding of stab wounds.This physical evidence is a mute and an eloquent manifestation of truth; it rates high in the hierarchy of trustworthy evidence.[45] Thus, where the physical evidenceruns counter to the testimony of the prosecution witness, as in this case, the former should prevail.[46] At any rate, when asked on cross-examination whether the victims suffered stab wounds, ELENA answered, “Siguro po, hindi ko po alam.”[47]

ELENA must have been mistaken in her observation of the events or in her recollection.But this is understandable, as several persons were actively engaged in the mauling of the victims.It would have been highly unlikely for her to remember accurately their movements.Lapse of time blurs recollections.Human memory can be treacherous.It is a very common thing for honest witnesses to confuse their recollection of what they actually observed with what they have persuaded themselves to have happened or with impressions and conclusions not really drawn from their actual knowledge.[48]

While ELENA’s testimony on the stabbing does not ring true in the face of the physical evidence, this does not mean that her entire testimony is false or had been contrived.It is significant to note that her identification of the appellants as malefactors was corroborated by the other prosecution witnesses, who pointed to them as the victims’ abductors.Moreover, her testimony that theyand their cohorts had beaten the victimsby using lead pipes and blunt instruments was corroborated by the autopsy report, which revealed that most of thevictims sustained lacerated wounds, contusions and hematoma.

There is a general principle of law that where a witness has testified falsely to some material matter in a case, his testimony in other respects maybe disregarded unless it is corroborated by other proof.This rule of law is expressed in the maxim“Falsus in uno,falsus in omnibus.” This rule, however, has its own limitations, for when the mistaken statement is consistent with good faith and is not conclusively indicative of a deliberate perversion, the believable portion of the testimony should be admitted.Although a person may err in memory or in observation in one or more respects, he may have told the truth as to other respects.[49] Elsewise stated, the maxim deals only with the weight of evidence and is not a positive rule of universal application and should not be applied to portions of the testimony corroborated by other evidence, particularly where the false portions could be innocent mistakes.[50]

Notwithstanding the false or mistaken statements, the trial judge, Judge Makasiar, found ELENA’s version “impressive, as the manner of her narration was straightforward, sincere, candid, frank and terse.”[51] Like the other prosecution witnesses, she had been subjected to “searching, grueling and consuming cross-examination by a determined, brilliant, veteran and astute defense counsel, no less than retired Supreme Court Justice Serafin Cuevas, such that any falsehood and fabrication in [her] narration and identification of the four accused … could have been easily detected and exposed.” But she passed the test.

Settled is the rule that the factual findings of the trial court, especially on the credibility of witnesses are accorded great weight and respect.This is so because the trial court has the advantage of observing the witnesses through the different indicators of truthfulness or falsehood, such as the angry flush of an insisted assertion, the sudden pallor of a discovered lie, the tremulous mutter of a reluctant answer, or the forthright tone of a ready reply; or the furtive glance, the blush of conscious shame, the hesitation, the sincere or the flippant sneering tone, the heat, the calmness, the yawn, the sigh, the candor or lack of it, the scant or full realization of the solemnity of an oath, the carriage and mien.[52]

Admittedly, ELENA’s testimony has some discrepancies.However, the trial court emphasized:

[I]t is to be expected that some discrepancies, and even self-contradictions, will appear on cross-examination, especially where the witness is of inferior mental capacity and without any experience in court proceedings, like Elena Bernardo.[53]

The trial court correctly likened Elena’s testimony against appellants, all of whom were ranking members of the Iglesia ni Cristo, as a declaration against interest.This was so because her act of testifying against them put her in danger of being expelled from the said sect.In fact, as admitted by Pastor Cesar Almedina, he and many other local officials of the Church recommended her expulsion allegedly on grounds of non-attendance at church services and violation of the teachings, doctrines, laws and tenets of the Iglesia, which were not, however, specified by him.But the recommendation was disapproved by the Central Office because of these cases.[54]

While ELENA admitted to having a grudge against GRANADA for arresting his son-in-law sometime in 1991, her identification of him as one of the perpetrators of the crime charged cannot be disregarded because it was strongly corroborated by the three other prosecution witnesses, who categorically pointed to him as one of the abductors.Her honesty in admitting her dislike against GRANADA should be considered in her favor.[55] The existence of such grudge does not automatically render her testimony false and unreliable.[56] It must be noted that she had no known quarrel with the other appellants to be considered as sufficient motive in implicating them.Where there is no evidence and nothing to indicate that a witness for the prosecution was actuated by improper motive, the presumption is that she was not so actuated.

As to her long silence or reluctance to give her statement or to testify, ELENA explained that she was initially barred by then Judge Nitafan from testifying.Besides, there was a threat on her life by one of the suspects in the killing of herein five victims.[57] Nevertheless, she had already reported the incident to a certain Brother Cerilo del Rosario, who replaced Pastor Almedina after the latter was transferred to another chapel, and that sometime in 1993 she went to the Central Office of the INC and related the whole event to Brother Eduardo Manalo.[58]

At any rate, the failure of a witness to report to the police authorities the crime that she had witnessed is not a matter affecting her credibility.The natural reticence of most people to get involved in a criminal case is of judicial notice.[59]


Concededly, there were no eyewitnesses to the actual killing of the victims.But the following of circumstances leave no shred of doubt that the appellants were the perpetrators of the crime:

1.On the morning of 7 March 1992, the victims MARLON and JOSEPH had a basketball altercation with JOEY and his two companions;

2.Later that day, JOEY was caught bringing two pillboxes to Dalisay Street, where the victims reside;

3.Between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. of 8 March 1992, JOEY and GENER, both members of the INC, threw stones at the Ronquillos’ house, attracting the attention of neighbors who in turn mauled them;

4.Between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. of that same date, after the De los Santos brothers pointed at the victims, the appellants and their cohorts picked up and herded the victims into a Ford Fiera, which then sped away;

5.At about 10:00 p.m. the victims, except the one lying in the vehicle who seemed either unconscious or dead, were brought to a so-called basement in the Iglesia compound in Punta, Sta. Ana.There, they were mauled, tortured and beaten by appellants, who were deacons of the INC, as well as bytheir cohorts, using steel tubes, lead pipes, guns and other blunt instruments.Thereafter, they were loaded into the van, which forthwith sped out of the compound; and

6.Three days later, or on 10 March 1992, the victims’ bodies were found floating on the Pasig River, showing signs of foul play.

These circumstances are sufficient to establish the guilt of the appellants beyond reasonable doubt of the crime charged.They constitute an unbroken chain which leads to one fair and reasonable conclusion pointing to the appellants, to the exclusion of all others, as the guilty persons.[60]


As for appellants’ defense of alibi, we have consistently held this to be the weakest of all the defenses.Appellants were unable to show that it was physically impossible for them to have been present at the scene of the crime.GRANADA, DE GUZMAN and VALENCIA claimed to have been attending the “Panata” rites on 8 March 1992, the date of the abduction and mauling of the five victims.However, considering that there were at least 200 members of the INC who attended the panata, it was possible for them to have sneaked out unnoticed into the Ford Fiera to Lakas Street, picked up the five victims and waited in the evening for the grounds to be deserted before bringing them inside the INC compound.Neither was ABELLA able to show by clear and convincing evidence that it was physically impossible for him to go from his alleged post at the corner of T.M. Kalaw St. and Roxas Boulevard to Lakas Street, Bacood, Sta. Mesa.Thus, appellants’ defense of alibi must fail.Besides, such defense is worthless in view of the positive identification of appellants as the culprits.


We agree with the trial court that the killing was characterized by treachery.It is true that treachery should normally attend at the inception of the aggression.However, when the victim was first seized and bound and then slain, treachery is present.[61] In this case, it is enough to point out that the victims’ hands were tied at the back when their bodies were found floating in Pasig River.This fact clearly shows that the victims were rendered defenseless and helpless, thereby allowing the appellants to commit the crime without risk at all to their persons.

The circumstance of abuse of superior strength was absorbed in treachery and cannot be considered as an independent aggravating circumstance.It need not be alleged in the information, as treachery was adequate to elevate the killing to murder.


We cannot equate appellants’ move to “clear their names” as voluntary surrender.For a surrender to be voluntary, it must be spontaneous and should show the intent of the accused to submit himself unconditionally to the authorities, either because (1) he acknowledges his guilt or (2) he wishes to save the government the trouble and expense necessarily included for his search and capture.[62] In an analogous case, we have held that when the accused goes to a police station merely to clear his name and not to give himself up, voluntary surrender may not be appreciated.[63]

Lastly, we affirm the awards made by the trial court except as to the awards of moral and exemplary damages, which are, however, reduced from P500,000 to P50,000 each.

WHEREFORE, the challenged decision of Branch 35 of the Regional Trial Court of Manila in Criminal Cases Nos. 96-104529 to -33 is hereby AFFIRMED with the modification that the awards of moral and exemplary damages are hereby reduced from P500,000 to P50,000 each.


Puno, Kapunan, Pardo, and Ynares-Santiago, JJ., concur.


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    • King ⋅

      tay maging” UTOS NG UTOS, DITOY KAUNTI,DOOY KAUNTI, BILIN NG BILIN, DOON AY KAUNTI,DITOY KAUNTI…walang katapusan parusa sa mga tao..Kayat silay hindi magsisipasok sa kapahingahan..sa kautusan sila hahatulan bwat isa s kanila.. Ngayon kng inyong mababasa ang salitang ito ay wag nyong pagmamatigasin ang inyong puso gaya ng sa inyong mga magulang..itingala nyo ang inyong mga mukha sa kinagabihan at sikaping hanapin ang mga bagay na nasa itaas, kng mananalangin ay sa lihim at sa taas at wag sa baba…ang magkaila sa anak ay ikakaila din sila ng anak..ang bawat nagpapahayag sa AMA, at hindi naman sumasampalataya sa pangalan na ibnigay ng spiritu ay nagiging sinungaling,.at ang katotohanan ay wala sa kanila..at bilang patotoo na ang lahat ng mga bagay ay naibgay na. ang kapamahalaang makahatol..ang bumabautismo sa spiritu at sa apoy… muling ipinaaalala “AMA sambahin nawa ang Pangalan mo”…AMA luwalhatiin mo ang iyong pangalan”….”Kayat naparito sys sa pangalan ng aking AMA”…kayat kanyang sasalitain din naman ang aking mga salita, at ang salita ko ay hindi sakin, Kundi doon s ngsugo sa akin..ang sumasampalataya sa akin ay hindi sakin sumasampalataya, kundi doon sa nagsugo sa akin.ang sumasampalataya sa AMA ay sumasampalataya din naman sa ANAK,At itoy nagkakaisa..EZEKIEL 48:35……sya ang magtuturo sa inyo ng lahat ng mga bagay at magpapaalala tungkol sa inyoy kanyang sinabi, kng syay inyong mangakikita ay mangakikilala rin yaong nagsugo…AT mapalad ang tumutupad ng salitang ito, sapagkat nasusulat na “ang bawat nakakakita sa Anak ay pinagkakalooban ng buhay na walang hangan..at kng kayoy palayain ng anak kayo ngay magiging tunay na laya ..Hanapin nyo ang kanyang mukha at kayoy magsitingin sa kanya upang kayoy mangaligtas at magtamo ng mga Tunay na salita sa ikapgpapatawad ng mga kasalanan.. ang kaluwalhatian nya ay hindi ibinibgay sa iba, sinabi b nia at hindi nya gagawin?. at ang dios ay hindi magbubulaan kay David na s kanyang binhi ay pagpapalain ang mga bansa ,sa pamamagitan ng kanyang sariling kaluwalhatian tinamo sa kanya rin,,”sya kukuha ng nasa akin at sa inyoy ipahahayag, “lahat ng bagay sa Ama ay akin, at ibibigay nya kng kanini nia ibig ibgay..syay may kapangyarihan magbigay at kumuhang muli..walng makakaalm ng pagparito kundi ang AMA,.Sinabi ni Pablo”nakikilala ko ang isang lalaki kay Cristo ,sa katawan aywan ko,sa labas ng katawan aywan ko,…”DIOS ANG NAKAAALAM”…na inagaw hanganga sa ikatlong langit at dinala hangang sa Dios…Apocalipse 12..May..BAGO NAGLIHI SYAY NANGANAK..sINO ANG NAKARINIG NYAN?..MERON pero hindi nalalaman kng paanu….tanungin sya upang inyong maalaman na ang Panginoon ang nagsasalita..s kanyang kamay ay may saro ng alak na bumubula,..syay gaya ng tao na humihiyaw ng malakas dahil sa alak ,,Ang panginoon ay bumabangong walng katiwasayan sa buhay..”walng kagandahang mamamalas s kanya”;” Hindi matatangap ng sanlibutan;”..dukha at mapagkailangan;..syang nagsasalita ng Katwiran, makapangyarihang magligtas;…Syay naging bata at ngayoy matanda…..”kAYA MAGANDA ANG PAGKASABI NG BABAE,”AKOY WALANG ASAWA”.. samantalang sya aynagkaroon ng lima. at ang 2 ngayon ay hindi tunay na asawa..kaya lamang ay nangyari ang sinalita na s bundok na ito ay hindi niniyo sasambahin ang AMA…WALANG MAGPAINUM SA KANYA,, kc nagagalit ang sampu…..ayaw nilang pumayag na maghari ang taong ito s kanila…kaya nga kanilang iniisip na patayin upang mapasakanila ang mana…hindi nila paniwalaan na ang Batong itinakwil ng mga ngtatayo ng gusali ay sya rin ginawang PANGULO sa panulok… Sya ang nakalimutang panaginip ni Nabucodnozor.. Ang ULONG ginto s higaan “na nawala s kanya…SA LAHAT AY nahihiwagaan ako s sa Movie na” ….i Robot” yun tulay na putol,, at yun button na malaki na hawak ng matanda,,at ang Clip,,at ang panaginip ko madalas noon’ ang Babae at lalake na nakasakay sa perry boat na may hinahanap,,pero binato ko sila ng kulay pula na clay..at ang katawan ko na duguan..Pero hindi maintindihan bakit magaan ang loob ko sa naka blue na reyna.2010 ko pa sya nakita…maraming bagay na magulo sakin at wala akong makasangguni tungkol d2, at nararamdaman ko may namatay mga ilan buwan na nakakaraan..mahiwaga ang reyna bakit sya bumalik d2 ng lumabas ang bituin. halos sabay ang pagdating ng mga barko at ang pagbabasa ko,pero una ako ng ilng buwan,.akala ko s barko galing ang mga lumilipad na ilaw na makinang, pati mga bituin ay nagtatakbuhan at umiilaw sakin, napakaraming hiwaga na ako lng nakasaksi..parang christmas light ang itaas ng mga panahon ngbabasa ako, ngsisiga ako sa gabi hangang umaga na,.ng makatapus na nagkaroon ng malawak na pagkidlat na kumakalat sa silanganan, hapon nangyari pgkabangit ko ng Genesis..Alam mo sa lucas ay nasusulat na ng magpasimulang magturo si hesus ay may 30 taong gulang na anak na lalaki, ayon sa sapantaha ng marami..eksakto sa eded ko,.buhay ang salita………AKO ang taong sinasabi ng tipan mula pa s walang pasimula hangan sa walang hangan..alam m ba na ang nilalang ng dios ay mayroong wangis s dios..at mayroong galing sa alabok..yun wangis s dios ay babae at lalake pero Adam lang tinawag….si Eba ay kinuha kay adam na galing s alabok,. nawala si Eba..at si Maria… Ang daming ngpalit ng pangalan, at yun mahiwagang babae na walng pangalan sya ang nasa apocalipse..Si Martha na kaptd ni maria ay malaking bato na tumatakip…si juan ay pinapugutan ng ina ng dalaga “anak”.Herodias..may palabas na cartoons pero pain lng..ang daming ginawang panligaw at talagang pinaghandaan nila ang paglabas..inabangan nila ang pangyayari ng salita ni hesus na bagamat syay mamatay syay mabubuhay!..kaya hindi ko alam kng anu gnawa niila s katawan, baka sakaling sa kanilng sarili mabuhay..eh kaso naagaw, naganak sila ng hangin..kaya galit na galit ,pano ang tagal nilng nagaral, samantala 3 buwan ko lng binuo, nagtibay nlng ang iln buwan. isang babae s 7 bundok at mga itlog nalang ang iba..Sa totoo lng lahat ay nadaya at nandaya na rin, dahil sa patakaran ng empire..gaya ng Amerika ginera ang ilan s mdle east, pero nakasulat kc na pnaygn ng dios na magyari dahil hindi sila nagsisampaltaya s kanyang pangalan”..ang katwiran ng dios ay “kng hndi k ngng sakdal s kanya ngunit kng ang kinalaban mo ay nagng kalaban nia ay nagging mgkasama, parang kay pabll”SINO K BAGA PANGINOO!!, nabigla tuloy si hesus, at gnawa nlng syang alagad, mataas pa kc may katwiran..dahil kc sa mga taga sulsol ay marami ang napapahamak..kinakalaban nila ang lumalang tapus dun din pala ang kauuwian ng lahat..kala kc ay mapgtatagumpayan gaya ng ginawa ng babae,, pinagbigyan lng ang babae para walang maidahilan,na bakit sila ginawa mababa kaysa lalake..pinayagan ng dios mangyari ang lahat at magsakripisyo ng buhay ang mga lingkod nia para lng sa babae..Tunay na may katalinuhan, yun lamang ay para s ikatataas nila laban s lalake..yan si EVa maski ang dios ay hindi masabhan yan, Si salomon ay napakatalino, ayun at pinuntahan pra madagdagan ang karunungan ng babae,. Sya ang bunga ng pagkakilala ng mabuti at masama, eh kinain ng babae ang salita,.Sabi ng Salomon “tayo ay magsikain at bukas tayo ay mamamatay”., walang kabuluhan ng mga walang kabuluhan”!!! Pambihira naman, dami ng asawa hindi makuntento, hindi masiyahan, yan hinilinh nya ay karunungan at hindi ang buhay na walang hangan”..Kaya maging isang leksyon na s bumabasa na ang piliin nyo ay ang buhay..dadakila pb naman kayo kay Salomon,, pero mas dakila ako dun, kc mahina ang puso nia s babae, parang si samson..pero dapat hindi pinatay ang leon , kaya namatay din sya..Si Daniel, takot na takot sa leon, .Hindi naman sya inano ng leon..Sinabi ni Pablo” Ang papatay sa Tabak ay dapat din mamatay s Tabak”..Pero Si Pablo lng nagsabi nun..humahatol na sya pag ganun,, Si hesus nga ay hindi basta humahatol ng ganun,. kala ko magagaling ang mga bansa ko s palibot.. humanga ako tunay nga!,kng akoy naiisahan, pero d pa ako seryoso,. inaaplay ko kc ang pagibig, sila naman ay kng panu ako maiisahan..nagiipon na naman ng hiling..Ayan Bagyo tuloy ang dumating..He he..package yan, hating kapatid.Bakit nun sila may hawak na power, alphabetical order ang bagyo d2 ah! ..sino ngsumbong? d sila din..hindi ak may kasalanan nyan ngayon, eh d kasuhan nila ang hangin..ayaw nila nun at napaliguan na sila..nabautismuhan na sila, hindi lng paa pati buong katawan..kaya lang sila pala itong pikon,, akala ko ba manlalaro sila?sabagay takbuhan nga pala laro nila at hindi Languyan..kaya nagglit..inipit agad ang pinas..Naisahan ko nanaman sila ,lumabas ang tunay nilang anyo..takot na takot samsaman..sabi kc ng dios ay ibibigay skin ang kayamanan nakatago, eh bakit wala akong natangap?.pinaghati-hatian na nila..sinabi ko lng na hndi ko na kailangan eh naniwala na agad,.dapat ay manuyo sila skin..may conseqnc p bgo bgyan..Aba! sa 22o lng akin lahat ito, Ako tagapagmana.pero sinuway nila ang kasulatan.Si noy mas higit pa ata pngtatangol ang iba kaysa s panginoon..Nakita ko ata ang Mukha ko sa ulap,. mas dakila ako sa mga dios sabi ng panginoon. d b nila alm na ako ang ulo ng sangbahayan?..walang katulad ko sa mga kaharian..ito ang kakaibang gawain ng dios, na hinangad na makita ng maraming propeta at ma22wid pero hindi nila nakita.Bakit ayaw nila akong tangapin?.kadali kong kausap kng alm lng nila..kaya nga ako dakila kc ako ang dios na walang kayamanan, kaya nga dukha at mapagkailangan..laki pananagutan nila sa taas pag pinagkaitan ako..gagawa ako ng computer virus 2,.pag hindi nila ako pinansin.lahat ng kublihan nila ay hahanapin ko, kahit yun nasa ilalaim ng dagat. mga top secret na hndi matatangap ng mga tao..oras na gawan nila ako ng masama ay wala ng hain png natitira,patungkol s kasalanan..at alam ko namang kilala nila ako. Yan nga sina Samson,samuel,jefte,gideon at si Barac Obama.. mga malalakas , mga nagsilipol ng kaharian yan…Pero bakit ako ang pinadala ngayon?.aalamin ko ang iniisip nila……….malalaman ko ang ginawa,………..kailangan mailabas na d sakop ng bayan…………para pg lumabas………………ah hangang sa masangkapan ng kapangyarihang galing sa itaas……..at ito pa…………………..kailangan malibang at hndi mkpgisip……………………dahil kng anung isipin ay syang gagawin………..anu pa kayang pandaraya gagawin ng mga ito? magalis at mag dagdag ng panauhin para sa hulihan ng apocalips……..hindi na ubra yan kc sinu ba punong kahoy ng buhay na namumunga?? hindi naman pedeng sila yon at kumpol-kumpol sila.. Sabi dito ay ISA LANG..1..one…uno…dukha..hindi mayaman….HARI…Ito palang si Obama ay lingkod din,,matalino sya……heto ang mgandang line up : Noy, Obama , Kim JOng , Bin Laden at ang Hari…..hindi mahirap pagsamahin mga ito,,magkakaklase pa yata mga ito…..sa mga mkkbasa nito……Yan ang aking kahilingan…magiging matuwid na ang lahat…..kailangan magng maamo na sila….at sila na din ang bahalang mamahala basta sa iisang dios na lumalang….mamamasyal nalng ako sa mga kaharian….ito ang ibig ko.

    • sdf dfasdfsdf ⋅

      you are the evil. because you are the liar

    • palibhasa kasi ang nagtayo( founder ) sa kanilang Relihiyon ay isang tao at punong puno pa rin ng kahinaan kung kaya ay nagkaganoon.

  3. glen mendoza ⋅

    do the suspects has a pictures

  4. rodolfo del rosario ⋅

    salamat sa dios may bro. eli

  5. malinaw na malinaw tao, at myembro ang gnagawa nyong batayan.
    bkt? dhil alm na alam nyong ang mga INC ay disiplinado at mbuting tao.
    kya ayan kau at ngaabang ng mga myembro na mkakagawa ng pagkakamali, it’s human nature, tao tayo ika nga. kng ganyan ang batayan nyo pumunta kau s mga penal colony sa mga kulungan, mgsurvey kau kng ilan don ang INC bka mbilang nyo lng sa daliri nyo. pero uulitin ko, aral po ang batayan kng ano at cno ang tunay na iglesia at hndi ang mga myembro.

    • gwen ⋅

      san-ayon aq! mas marami pa ngang nagagawang krimen ang mga taong mula sa ibang relihiyon eh. no say nyo?

      • eugenio ⋅

        hindi lng batid ng marami kung ano ang tunay na dahilan bakit pinatay ung mga tao na un sa aking pagkaalm ay binaboy ng mga taong yun ang KAPILYA NG IGLESIA sa aking pagkaalam ay sinabuyan ng dumi ng tao ang KAPILYA na naging dahilan upang sila ay patayin

      • kahit anong pagbababoy ang ginawa ng mga taong walang kaalam-alam sa salita ng Dios, huwag ninyong (INC) hatulan kaagad ng kamatayan. bakit sino ba naman kayo? mahigit pa sa karunungan ng may likha? ang problema lang marami sa inyong mga kasamahan ay mayayabang at magalitin, dahil sa pagka-akala ninyo ay maliligtas na kayo? ba? kung makapagsalita lang yong mga kaluluwa na nalilitson na sa impeyerno, siguro saka lang kayo kikilabutan. magsibalik na nga kayo sa tunay na inyong pinang-galingan. huwag mabahala maawain naman ang Dios.

  6. nic ⋅

    iglesia ni cristo (and also all the religions in the world) held no responsibility in evrything its member is doing… it just influencing its member to do what the inc doctrines upheld.. hindi ibig sabihin na ang isang member ay nagkasala ay kasalanan na rin ito ng buong inc,… kung ganun lang ang batayan nio… e d ang catholic ay demonic din… kasi kung titignan… ilang katoliko ang nakakulong ngaun? halos mapuno ang bilibid…

    never judge a tree just because you found a dead leaf falling,…..

    • SHIN ⋅

      tama po kayo dyan

    • gwen ⋅

      dagdag. way back sa panahon ni rizal, ‘di ba maraming nagawang kasalanan ang mga pari noon? so, ibig sabihin, masama rin ang mga kaanib nito.

    • cecil ⋅

      kailanman di namin kakainin ulit ang matagal na naming sinuka….Kung may nakita kang di maganda sa ginawa ng miyembro ng INC, huwag mong lalahatin. Kung ako tatanungin mo wala akong pakialam kung ano ang ginawa nilang pagkakamali dahil hindi naman ako ang maghuhukom sa kanila kundi ang Dios. Hindi ako tumitingin sa gawa ng tao kundi sa aral upang makatiyak ng kaligtasan. In between me and God ang dapat na intindihin hindi yung tao. Ang tao hindi makakapagligtas sa iyo. Pero ang Dios at ang pagsunod ang makakapagligtas…If you always talk people you yourself only show becoming poor or low person…Aral ang dapat nating pagbatayin at pagsikapang alamin upang nakakatiyak sa katotohanan. Kung puro pangalandakan lang sa mga ginawa ng ibang miyembro, wala kang bait sa sarili mo dahil hindi mo tinitignan ang kinabibilangan mong religion ay napakaraming mamatay tao compare sa INC members. Yung iba ang tinitignan mo at hindi mo hinaharap ang pagiging dapat mo sa Dios. Dahil kung dapat ka di ka nakatitig sa mga ginagawa ng ibang tao.Kundi sarili mo kung paano ka maging dapat sa Dios.

    • @nic… agree aq sau…. ang religion ay wlang kinalaman sa lahat n krimen n ngaganap sa mundong ito… tanging tayong mga tao n nilikha lmang ang may kasalanan kung kayat maraming masasamang kaganapan s mudong ito…

      • armando ⋅

        paano mag palayas ng demonyo ang INC? sa pangalan ni kristo o sa pangalan ni manalo? eh kasi tao lang si Kristo sa inyo?

    • shadowmoon ⋅

      may nabasa akong bugso lang ng damdamin ang pagkakapatay sa limang salvage victims na yan… well, bugso lang naman kasi ng damdamin ang abangan sa madilim na na lugar si soriano, bugso lang pala ng damdamin ang paluin ng tubo at dos por dos si soriano, bugso lang pala ng damdamin ang batuhin si soriano habang nagpapahayag ng salita ng Dios, bugso din pala ng damdamin na sa harap mismo ng kamera ay nagsasabi ang mga ministro nyo na susunduin si soriano ng limosin at ihahatid sa red carpet at babati ng rest in peace kay soriano na alam naman nating ang r.i.p. ay sinasabi lang sa mga patay… ay teka, baka sabihin nyo naman puro ako soriano, bugso din pala ng damdamin ang pagtulungang bugbugin ng grupo ng kabataan at diacono ng inc ang ilang kabataan sa tapat ng jollibee apalit, bugso din pala ng damdamin ang pagbabanta ng mga ministro nyo sa mga x-inc… at bugso din pala ng damdamin ang pagbaril at pagpatay kay mataro na dating nagmamangagawang inc sa apalit… kulang pa yan, meron pang panghaharas sa ilang bahagi ng luzon, visayas, at mindanao na hindi maitalatala dahil sa takot ng mga naharas, kaya di ako naniniwalang hindi kayo malakas, lahat naiimpluwensyahan ng inc kahit ang l.t.o., wag nyo na din akong palapitin sa sentral nyo upang magreklamong personal, alam ko kung san ang kababagsakan ko, kung hindi sa tulyahan, sa manila bay, o dili kaya’y nakasilid sa drum na puno ng semento at itatapon sa south china sea… wag na din kayong magreact ng masama dito dahil alam ko kung ano sasabihin nyo, “malakas ang loob kong magsinungaling at makapal ang mukha kong manira”, well sana nga kwento lang sakin yan, kaso hindi eh… sasagutin ko na din tanong mo, “kasi marami kayong di alam sa relihiyon nyong currupted na ng aral ni tana”, suriin nyo kayang mabuti ang iglesia nyo, aral na kasi ang mali hindi ang mga myembro, no wonder bakit nasa kalayawan pa rin ang marami sa inyo… may myembro kayong nagang rape ng kapwa nyo member, mga kabataan pa naman, bakit? kasi lasing, wag nyong sabihin na bugso pa rin ng damdamin yon? pita na ng laman yon, meron pa rin nagyoyosi, umiinom ng alak, doon pa mismo sa beerhouse, at kukuha pa ng kanikaniyang ka-table, pano nyo nasasabing nakakatupad kayo? diba ang sabi ang katawang malinis ang ihahandog? pano nyo ihahandog ang katawang nakalaan sa kalasingan, kayamuan, masamang pita ng laman, at diba pinapaiwas tayo ng Dios sa karumihan dahil nga sa gawaing paghahain ng katawan? naku ewan ko ba kung anong basa ba ang ginagawa nyo sa biblia nyo, baka pinangkakalso nyo lang yan, basahin nyo ang biblia nyo kahit bawalan kayo.. di maikakaila, masakit ang katotohanan, pero sa katotohanan din kayo gagaling…

      • George ⋅

        pero si manalo ok lang na mang rape ? sabagay siya naman ang diyos niyo diba? siya na din ang nagsabi nun ,

      • josue doruade ⋅

        Sa totoo lang sinungaling talaga ang mga ministro at mangangaral ng INC lalu na yung mga nasa media – TV at Radyo. Puro panlalait sa ibang relihiyon ang alam gawin. Bakit nila ito ginagawa? Simpleng simple ang rason makapanghikayat pa ng maraming kasapi na magbibigay ng abuloy upang matustusan ang luho at bisyo ng mga P.I ministro at ngayon ng mga P.I. nasa Sanggunian. Kung gusto nyong dumami ang inyong mga kasapi dapat di dahil sa paninira ng ibang relihiyon. kaya talagang ang mga sumasapi diyan ay talagang masasani mong mga tanga na di nag-aaral ng kanilang pananampalataya upang ito sana ay lumago – nagpadala/nagpatangay na lang sa husay sumigaw at manlait ng mga lecheng ministro sa ibang relihiyon. Estilong MAFIA ang pinatatakbong sistema ng mga nasa INC. Pero talagang ganyan sa pagdating ng paghuhukom malilipol ang mga sinungaling at mandaraya ng kapwa. tandaan natin ang hari ng mga mandaraya at sinungaling ay si Satanas.

  7. report lang po ako ng ka myembro ng iglesia ni cristo na nang loko sa maraming tao.kasama na ako.ang pangalan po nya ay leonardo bolus.tiga angeles city phil.ang kaso po nya illegal recruiter.kumuha po sya ng 220thousand pesos saken.sabi nya mkaka alis kaagad ako.kaya lang po tinakbuhan nya ako.naniwala po ako kasi alam ko pag iglesia ni cristo takot gumawa ng masama.kaso mali pala ang akala ko.
    sana po mahanap nyo itong taong ito.marami po syang tinakbuhang tao.mamawa naman po sana kyo.tulungan nyo naman po kaming mahanap sya.pagkaka alam ko po nasa australia na sya…

    • SHIN ⋅

      hindi po lahat ng INC ay likas na mabait…. hindi po natin maiiwasan yun dahil sa mundong ginagalawan natin

      • Learn Justice ⋅

        pero kung mabait kayo INC hindi nyo ipagtatanggol ang mali at ipaglalaban pa?at dapat aaminin nyo ang pagkakamali at hihingi ng patawad sa nagawan ng kasalanan.HIndi yung feeling not guilty at mag eexcuse na dahil tayo ay tao lang na nakakagawa ng mali.

    • gwen ⋅

      sa mundong ito, walang perpekto. nasa tao ang desisyong magkasala o gumawa ng kabutihan.

      • totoo yon kapatid na walang perpekto sa lahat ng tao, KUNG TAO LANG ANG PAG-USAPAN ngunit alam n’yo ba na ang ibang mga kaanib ng INC ay mahilig manira sa ibang Relehiyon na maraming mga KRIMINAL at mga Demonyo? Hindi ba sa kanila na rin ngayon nalipat ang ibang mga paratang? Kung ako lang ang mamuno sa Simbahang iyan ay pangaralan ko ang mga kaanib na mula ngayon tigilan na natin ang MALING AKALA na tayo lang sa simbahang ito ang MALI LIGTAS.

      • jojo doming ⋅

        eh bat di tinitiwalag,,,,, may dalawang klase ng kasalanan,,,, kasalanang ikamamatay at kasalang di ikamamatay,,,, may mga taong gumagawa ng kasalanang di sinasadya at may taong gumagawa ng masama na intentional…. Sa INC, natiwalag na ba ung mga mamamatay tao jan o kunukunsinti pa rin,,,,, tsk….tsk….tsk…. what the member is doing will reflect on the leader…… What kind of leader is he if he can’t control his member….???


    • angel aquino ⋅

      naku malas mo naman,.. nabiktima ka ng INC member… wag ka na umasa na makakakuha ka ng hustisya. delikado ka pag nagreklamo ka jan, baka mapatay ka pa… nagkakampi kampi ang mga iyan. mala halimaw kasi sila.

      • cecil ⋅

        tsk.tsk..Hoy! angel kuno aquino kung may nakita kang hindi maganda sa lahat ng miyembro ng INC prove it … Isa lang nakita mo nilalahat mo na…wala ka yatang bait sa sarili. Bilangin mo ang bilang ng mamatay tao na ang religion ay sa kinasasapian mo. Napakarami compare sa INC member na binibintang mo. Nagmamagaling ka at nagpapakalinis di mo naman tinitignan ang sarili mo kundi sa kapwa mo. Malahalimaw ang ugali mo dahil isa lang nakikita mo nilalahat mo na. Huwag kang magmarunong dahil nakikita lang ng mga intelehenteng tao kung anong klase kang tao.

    • napatunayan niyo po bang iglesia ang taong yun? @jennifer b. tañebo….

      • both love you ⋅

        bakit naka-pukos kayo sa religios defend? gamitin ninyo ang kaalamang ipinagkaloob sa inyo ng lumikha ng pagiging tao nyo.in that way hindi natin masisi ang bawat isa man sa inyo,i mean buksan nyo ang kapwa nyo pananaw,mabuting suriin nyo muna ang pariho nyong panig.and be true to your own wisdom,

      • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

        Always stick to Blind Rules

        Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

        Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

        …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

    • INC bobo ⋅

      AKo din may report. Order ng t-shirt sa akin ang isang INC. Hindi na binayaran. naisip ko na lang tinuturo pala sa kanila ang manloko ng tao basta wag papahuli. For more info Legal po ako na t-shirt business. ayoko sabihin ang pangalan ng business ko baka patayin ako ng mga INC d2.

  8. mauro

    hola cantan re bien q dios te vendiga

  9. alfonzo ⋅

    id like to seek help from u, may nka bangga kasi akong inc member, malakas daw sila coz kamag anak din daw ng ministro, tinatakot nila ko coz i know so many things about their family already, tell me if you could help me and how.. tnx


    • angel aquino ⋅

      naku,alfonso… wag ka pupunta sa kapilya nila. mapapatay ka dun. hindi sila takot pumatay pag di nila kapananampalataya. walang awa ang mga INC na yan….

      • cecil ⋅

        Ang galing mo talaga manira at ang lakas ng loob mong magsinungaling. Iyan ba ang tinuturo ng religion mo? Ikaw ang walang awa sa mga taong malinis ang konsensiya at tapat n naglilingkod sa Dios. Nakakita ka ng isang di tama nilalahat mo na. Ipinapakita mo lang ang sarili mo sa kawalan ng respeto sa kapwa mo at kawalan ng kaalaman.

      • okie dokie ⋅

        tama wag ka ng pumunta dun kc sa mga INC mas ok ang pumatay kesa makipag usap ng matino!

  10. Cristino ⋅

    The Iglesia Ni Cristo cult founder Felix Manalo is a false prophet. He is
    one of the false prophets that will arise and shall deceived many, our
    God and Saviour Jesus Christ prophesied (Matthew 24:24).
    It is very unfortunate that more than 2 million souls have been
    mislead by Manalo and his ministers propagating false gospels and
    doctrines of demons. If only INC members will diligently search the
    bible and study the words of God, the truth shall set them free. The
    Truth is ‘ Jesus is God who came into flesh to suffer and die for our sins
    and that He resurrected and He is the True Living God who is worthy
    to be worshipped and praised. Th bible says many times anyone who
    denies that Jesus is God has the spirit of the antichrist. Therefore the
    Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has the spirit of the antichrist. Every INC member,
    from Manalo and his ministers to ordinary member must realized that
    Jesus is God.
    ‘ Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus
    Christ is the Lord to the glory of God the Father’ Philippians 2:10-11
    All INC ministers and members should repent and ask God for
    forgiveness of their sins, including the sins of heresy or false doctrines.


      • angel aquino ⋅

        hey maria,.. you better listen to cristino because he is speaking the truth.,, for your own sake!!!

    • INC bobo ⋅

      Tama yan Brother. INC is a Fraternity na ginawang religion. Mayayabang INC d2. Tinanong sa akin kung alam ko daw ba ang Vergo. Sabi ko malay ko. Ano yun sabay taas kamay na parang nagsasabi ” wala ka palang alam” BOBO yata nagtanong pa kung alam niya ang sagot. Ano yun Password para sa isang miyembro. Grabe mang malinis yang mga INC. meron silang quoted na scripture na sa silangan itatayo ang iglesia ni cristo. kaya yun ang paniwala nila na ang iglesia ni cristo ang tunay na simbahan. kung word by word pala ang labanan. Dapat sa Japan. “Mga Iglesiang bobo ” ang Pilipinas ay nasa timog silangan ng asya. JAPAN ang nasa Silangan talaga. BOBO mga INC.

  11. antonio ⋅

    Jesus is God! Iglesia Ni Kristo as a whole must repent for teaching
    false doctrines and they should all come to Christ for true salvation.
    Manalo can’t save your soul, being a member of INC will never save
    your soul, Jesus is the only Saviour. Amen

    • gwen ⋅

      give me a verse from a bible which really proves that Jesus is a God…..

      • okie dokie ⋅

        heto para sau miss gwen!

        Yeshua said to them: “Timeless truth I speak to you: Before Abraham would exist, I AM THE LIVING GOD.”
        John 8:58 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English c2010)

      • armando ⋅

        Acts 20:28 – (God purchased us with His own blood)
        Revelation 1:5,6; Revelation 5:8-9 – (Jesus’ blood purchased us)

      • armando ⋅

        Isaiah 44:24 – (God created the world by His self alone)
        John 1:3; Colossians 1:16 – (Jesus made all things)

      • armando ⋅

        Di po ang Manalo nyo ang tunay na sugo… bulaang propeta itong sinusunod nyo, wala na pong ibang saviour kundi si Jesus na… first and the last.. kung ayaw nyo pa maniwala dyan at maniniwala pa kayo sa hula eh talagang bulag na kayo..

        Isaiah 43:10,11 – “You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior.”
        Revelation 1:17-18; Revelation 2:8 – (Jesus is the First and the Last)

    • rolando

      OMG!!!!!!!may the Lord bless you for all that S*** word you typed on your S*** keyboard!!!!

    • okie dokie ⋅

      i agree with you!

  12. Pablo ⋅

    Tandang tanda ko tong pag salvage ng mga INC members nung 1992.

    Bakit ko ba naman makakalimutan eh kapitbahay ko yung mga walang

    habas na pinagsasalvage! Nung mga panahon na yun maliit pako. May

    nakiita kong nakaburol sa bawat kanto. Nagsimula nga ito sa basketball

    game. Nung nangyari yung pang salvage na yun, ora mismo pinatanggal

    na yung kaisa isang basketball court sa kanto ng dalisay at lakas st.

    Ang daming tv/press reporters nung mga time na yun!

    Sikat ang bacood nun dahil sa balitang ito!

    • eugenio ⋅

      bata ka pla nun PABLO kaya hindi alam ang tunay na pangyayari bakit di magtanong sa mga matatanda dyan sa bacood kung ano tunay na pangyayari sabi ko nga kaya sila pinatay ay dahill sa ginawa nila pagsaboy ng TAE sa bakod ng kapilaya sa PUNAT STA ANA

      • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

        Always stick to Blind Rules

        Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

        Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

        …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

    • eugenio ⋅

      bata ka pla nun PABLO kaya hindi alam ang tunay na dahilan kaya pinatay ung mga tao na taga sa inyo bacood diba? kaya sila pinatay ay dahil sa sinabuyan nila ng TAE ang kapilya ng PUNAT STA ANA! magtanong ka sa mag taga riyan sa bacood

      • angel aquino ⋅

        para nilagyan lang ng tae ang bakod ng kapilya e pinatay na… mga mamamatay tao talaga ang mga INC, pag di nila kapananampalataya talagang papatayin nila. masama kasi ang aral ng INCm mala demonyo.

      • INC bobo ⋅

        Bobo talaga mga INC. Tinapunan ng tae pinatay agad. Dun palang nagsasabi na tinuturo sa inyo na pwedeng pumatay. sabi nga sa bible. “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” sige debatihin mo ko sa kataga na yan. Baka tinuturo sa inyo. THOU SHALL KILL THY NEIGHBOOR AS THEY COMMIT SINS AGAINST YOU. yan ang turo ng mga INC siguro. Meron pa THOU SHALT NOT PAY OF THINGS YOU BUY. dahil hindi ako binayaran ng isang Miyembro nila. Promise ng promise. 3 years na wala pa rin o sadyang makapal ang mukha nila.


      • angel aquino ⋅

        si maria naman,tinatakot pa si pablo, nag iimbento ka ng wento na walang wenta katulad ng mga aral ng INC na puro imbento lang naman…kakaawa abg mga member ng INC,,,

  13. Talaga ⋅

    Grabe pla to. ngayon ko lang nalaman dahil sa basketball pinatay at INC members pa ang pumatay at tinapos pa sa loob ng mismong church nila. wala akong masabi pro mga halimaw nga sila. di din sila nagtagumpay at nakulong din sa wakas.

    • eugenio ⋅

      nasabi ko na nga na kaya pinatay ang mga taong un ay hindi sa basketball kundi dahil sa ginawa nilang pambastos sa kapilaya ng iglesia sabuyan mo ba nmn ng TAE ang bakod ng kapilya eh!

      • tom ⋅

        ang ibig palang sabihin sapat na ang ginawang ito kung tutoo man upang katayin ang mga taong ito at itapon sa ilog? ang pag iisip ng tutoong kristiyano kaya ganito? buhay ang kapalit sa paghagis diumano ng dumi sa isang konkretong gawa ng tao lamang, para kitilin ang hindi iisa lamang na buhay kundi maraming buhay na ginawa ng Diyos bilang kabayaran? at sindakin ang isang kaanib para hindi tumestigo na humantong pa sa pagtitiwalag para maitago lamang ang kabuktutang ginawa ng mga kaanib… hindi espiritu ng Diyos ang ganitong pag iisip…

      • INC bobo ⋅

        Bobo talaga mga INC. Tinapunan ng tae pinatay agad. Dun palang nagsasabi na tinuturo sa inyo na pwedeng pumatay. sabi nga sa bible. “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” sige debatihin mo ko sa kataga na yan. Baka tinuturo sa inyo. THOU SHALL KILL THY NEIGHBOOR AS THEY COMMIT SINS AGAINST YOU. yan ang turo ng mga INC siguro. Meron pa THOU SHALT NOT PAY OF THINGS YOU BUY. dahil hindi ako binayaran ng isang Miyembro nila. Promise ng promise. 3 years na wala pa rin o sadyang makapal ang mukha nila.


      • b. jocson ⋅

        maliligo, pero hindi papatay ng tao. at kung ganyan ang dahilan nyo, kailangan bang torturin sila? sana binigyan nyo sila ng quick and merciful death. aminin nyo na, the murderers got a thrill from torturing those victims.

      • okiedokie ⋅

        mamatay tao rin yan c maria lacambra! hehe

      • unawa ⋅

        ang babaw ng rason mo tanga? tae lang papatay na, napakakikitid ng utak nyo di nakapagtataka na talagang di totoo aral nyo di nga kayo madisiplina. tae lang kikitlin na buhay na di naman kayo nagbigay.

      • INC bobo ⋅

        Bobo talaga mga INC. Tinapunan ng tae pinatay agad. Dun palang nagsasabi na tinuturo sa inyo na pwedeng pumatay. sabi nga sa bible. “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” sige debatihin mo ko sa kataga na yan. Baka tinuturo sa inyo. THOU SHALL KILL THY NEIGHBOOR AS THEY COMMIT SINS AGAINST YOU. yan ang turo ng mga INC siguro. Meron pa THOU SHALT NOT PAY OF THINGS YOU BUY. dahil hindi ako binayaran ng isang Miyembro nila. Promise ng promise. 3 years na wala pa rin o sadyang makapal ang mukha nila.

  14. Bookreader ⋅

    Hello all, gusto ko talaga mabasa yung libro ni R.Tipon na “The Power and the Glory: The Cult of Manalo” na naglalaman ng marami pang kabuktutan ng relihiyon ni Manalo. Gustuhin ko mang magpabili ay wala daw mabili sa mga bookstore sa Maynila. Meron ba sa inyong may scanned copy? Pabasa naman please o kaya pa-email sa u(underscore)iglesia(at)yahoo(dot)com.


      • josue doruade ⋅

        ONGASIS. Di yun tsismis! May pangalan ng writer e panu naging tsismis. tiyak may mga ibidinsiya ang mga sinulat niya. wag ka na magsinungaling ang magtanggol ng mga buktot at sinungaling pati ikaw itatapon sa impyerno.

    • cecil ⋅

      Oo nga maligaya silang malaman ang tsismiss at hindi katotohanan para maging dapat sa Dios ang saliksikin. At karamihan sa nilalantad nila yung mga kamalian ng ibang miyembro at hindi yung aral ng Dios. At yung iba may verses pa pero di naman maipaliwanag ng husto. Kahit ano ang gawin ninyo sa kabuuan INC pa rin ang maghahayag ng katotohanan upang maging dapat sa Dios. Ang tinuturo lang sa INC ay pagiging dapat sa Dios. At kung may di tunay mang INC, di iyon sumusunod sa tinuturo ng Dios. Ang mahalaga lang sa amin ay ang pagsunod sa pinaguutos ng Dios at hindi kami naglilingkod sa tao. Ang tao ay walang kabuluhan sa paglilingkod namin sa Dios. Ang tinanggap naming aral ang makapagtitibay sa ginagawa naming paglilingkod sa Dios. Ang tao ay may sariling isip at pangunawa at pananaw sa ikabubuti nya upang maligtas at mapalapit sa Dios. At may mga tao naman na ginagamit lang ang INC na kahit makasira siya ay hindi iniintindi. Hindi kami nabibilang sa uri ng pagkakilala nila sa tunay n paglilingkod s Dios.Huwag kayong magmarunong dahil hindi nyo pa nakukuha ang pang unawang iyan kaya galit na galit at tuwang tuwa kayo pagka may nagkamali n miyembro sa INC. Respect lang ang kailangan namin dahil hindi kami nagaaksaya ng panahon sa pagtiyak namin ng kaligtasan

      • okiedokie ⋅

        kawawa nmn tung si cecil at maria! parehas bulag! cguradong hulog to! binigyan nmn kayu ng mata, tenga, utak at puso ng Diyos, bakit hindi nyo makita ang Gracefullness Niya sa inyo! ipag pray ko n lang kayo!

      • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

        Always stick to Blind Rules

        Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

        Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

        …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  15. Message from an ex-INC


    As I continue to receive countless emails from the readers, some are praises, some are seeking advice on how to pull their loved ones out of the INM, some convincing me to go back to their INC fold and most are nasty curses that usually contain the four lettered word towards my personality.

    I am sorry that my postings sadden you. But sometimes it is necessary to feel bad to avoid a bigger disaster. Let us say you go for a checkup and your doctor says you have cancer. Of course the news is painful and will make you upset and sad. But isn’t it better to know the truth and do something soon to fight the cancer?

    Instead of feeling bad about what I say, read more and see if I am lying. If I am lying then there is no reason for feeling bad. You become convinced that INM is true and you won’t have to pay any more attention to me than you would pay to a barking dog. If INM is true and if it is from God, no one can extinguish its light and all my efforts will be frustrated. But if I tell the truth, then you want to know the facts and leave this false cult because it is like cancer and it will eventually kill you. The therapy maybe painful, but it will save your life and you will live as a human.

    So all you have to do now, is to find out whether I lie or tell the truth. This is easy. Read my postings and the future ones and verify my quotes. If I do not back up my claims with facts, if I talk nonsense and without logics, you know I am lying. But if I prove all my claims and no cultist is able to refute what I say, then you know I am telling the truth. Leave INM and join me and the growing army of ex-INM cultists so we can fight this lie together.

    If INM is a lie, it certainly can’t bring you closer to God. The god you are worshipping is not the real God. You don’t have a relationship with God. Even though you think you have a relationship with God, your relationship is actually with Satan. Those who follow blindly the Administration are Satan worshippers. You worship the same demon. You can fool yourself as much as you please, but you can’t change the facts. You don’t want to die and find out you were wrong all your life. That would be too late. You want to find the truth while you are still alive and do something about it. This is not difficult. Truth is very clear. You can prove it with almost mathematical precision.

    If someone tells me my mother was a whore I would be very saddened. I probably would not want to know that because I can’t do much about it. If I am an adult, my mother most likely is dead or an aged woman and obviously no more in that profession. So you are right, sometimes it is better not to know the truth. In this case I can’t do anything about it except being hurt and as a good friend you may want to keep that information away from me.

    But what if I discover that my father is a serial rapist/killer or my daughter is a whore? This hurts too but if this is the case I must know this truth because I can do something about it. In the case of my father, he could be hurting and killing innocent people. I must go to authorities and report him. Yes it hurts me a lot but I can’t live with my conscience knowing my father rapes and kills innocent people. My loyalty to him should not come between me and doing the right thing. If my daughter is a whore I may be able to help her. Maybe she has addiction problem and does this to support her addiction; maybe she is in wrong company, maybe she is going through a life crisis or just does not have the right direction. Of course in these cases I must know the truth no matter how hurtful that truth maybe. If I keep my head in the sand and pretend I know nothing, the consequence may be devastating.

    As for Felix, he is nobody to us. He was neither your father nor mine. We certainly owe this man nothing. If he lied, all we have to do is dump him, curse him and spit at his satanic cult. Why this should hurt us? If truth hurts us it is our own fault. This is one such truth that we must know. We have placed our lives and our souls in the hands of a man who was a liar, a fornicator, a prophet pretender, a cult leader, a charlatan, a lustful womanizer, an avaricious plunderer, a rapist, a hateful bigot and more. How foolish of us! He is not our father or anything to us. We just chose to believe in this monster. Some chose to believe in the lies of Jim Jones, some chose to believe in the lies of David Koresh, some chose to believe in the lies of Ruben Ecleo, some chose to believe in the lies of Hitler; we chose to believe in the lies of Felix. We can easily stop believing in him and go back to our lives. Believing in this man and his lies is hurting us a lot. Many political decisions and elections in the Philippines are rigged because of the INM Administration influenced by the lies of this false prophet. The myth of considerable block voting is used by the administration during the elections in exchange for “something” in favor of the cult administration once the supported(or deceived) candidates won the seat. The litigation threats and bigotry continue once you say not so flattering about felix and the INCM administration. Members are psychologically abused in INCM because of this man’s lies. This is not the kind of lie we would be better off if we did not know about. This is the kind of lie that is hurting us and is endangering the freedom of speech. This is a lie that we should now stop.

    Felix is dead. He is burning in hell. But his followers are perpetuating that psychopath’s behaviors and are making their own lives and the lives of others hellish. We can’t let this go on for ever. This lie must end and you, I, and other good people who pretend to be cultists must stop it.

    At first it hurts because you have affection for Felix. But once you realize he was a bad man and he fooled you for his own selfish gain, it won’t hurt you anymore. Truth never hurts, it is the shattering of lies that hurts. Once you know the truth, you will start despising Felix and hate him. Your hurt will be transformed into anger and you want to destroy the cult of that evil monster. You see the hypocrisy of the INCM ministers and the administration and the burden they imposed upon the members and you know they are all victims and victimizers and that is because they have been fooled by this evil man and now they act like zombies. They are people without will and understanding. They have submitted to evil and surrendered to lies. Once you know the truth, you want to help these poor people. You become determined to expose this lie and pull them out of this cult. You don’t do that to hurt these zombies but to bring them back to life and consciousness. You do that because you love them. Stopping someone who is heading to a precipice like a drunkard is not hurting him. Awakening someone and dragging him out of the house in the middle of the night, is not abuse if the house is on fire. Today we must awaken the cultists fast and drag them out of INCM before they blow up this country. We should not pay any attention to their complaint saying you are hurting us by waking us up. They must wake up even if this means shouting at them, throwing cold water on them or hitting them with a stick. Cultists must wake up. We can’t let them continue with this slumber. This is a deadly dream. Their oblivion is destroying lives.

    Please don’t hide your head in the sand because facing the truth is painful. Read the articles in this forum and in 70213 and verify them. Doubt everything I say and make your own research. Read the different versions of the bibles and compare them to the INCM’s favorite bible-the Lamsa, analyze your doctrines and see for yourself I am not making up things. Then once you find the truth, join us and let us help others get out of this burning house. If we keep our heads in the sand and pretend we do not see and do not understand a chaos is going to hit us and this foolish hatred that Felix inculcated in his followers is going to bring further bigotry and hatred. We can’t let a few millions live and die for a lie. You and I, and other pretend cultists are the only people that can stop this.

    No matter how hurtful is my postings to you, read it and verify what I say. If you find me a liar, no harm is done and all you hurts will go away and you will be reconfirmed. If what I say the true, leave INCM and help others to leave it too. You are responsible.

    Don’t flunk.

  16. Will the Internet Slay the Dirty Cult of Manalo?

    The truth about Felix Manalo has been one of the world’s best-kept secrets. For decades it has been virtually impossible to raise objections about the character of Felix Manalo in the Philippines, for anyone who raised such objections would (following the example set by Felix himself) immediately be rebuked, humiliated, threatened, intimidated and excommunicated or even killed. Outside the Iglesia world, there has been little interest in this cult. But things have changed. Now many people are curious of this cult and members aren’t able to silence everyone. Moreover, with the rise of the Internet, it is now impossible to keep Felix’s life a secret. The facts about the founder of Iglesia are spreading very rapidly, and members are frantically scurrying to defend their faith. But the information superhighway is paving over the ignorance that has for decades been the stronghold of their cultic dogma. In the end, this cult will fall, for the entire structure is built upon the belief that Felix Manalo was the last prophet of God in history, and this belief is demonstrably FALSE.

    Yes, the Internet is important in this struggle, but it is at least as important for informing non-Iglesia about the true nature of this cult as enlightening members, many of whom will be mentally immune to criticism of Iglesia. Some of them, however, can be reached. There are approximately 4-6 million nominal members in the world. How many of these are secret ex-Iglesia? Many has estimated that 20% – 30% of the members in the Philippines are actually apostates. Although only a growing minority of members around the world have access to the Internet, simple mathematics indicate that there are already hundreds of thousands of ex-Iglesia in cyberspace. This, as well as additional millions of members who already have at least some doubts, is the soft underbelly of this cult.

    We’re now stuck in a race against time, and members know it. That’s why they are working so hard to shut down freedom of speech (Pls. google Ross Tipon’s case) and any mockery or rational criticism targeting Iglesia everywhere. Will Iglesia totaly take away freedom of speech in the Philippines before we spread the truth underneath this cult’s feet? Every time they threaten us with litigations, we should respond by increasing the volume of criticism of Iglesia in circulation on the Internet. Some would claim that this isn’t our fight. We are no longer just fighting against Iglesia ni Manalo but for our own freedom of speech, and thus democracy itself. Maybe we cannot slay this dragon, but we can certainly help the people who can.

    Felix and his thugs went to great lengths already in the early days of his cult to shut up critics. We know the punishment fo leaving or even criticizing Iglesia, a fact which has largely kept organized groups of ex-Iglesia from forming. Until now. With a significant Iglesia presence in the Philippines, we see elements of such groups forming for the first time in history. Secret ex-Iglesias around the world are quietly watching these developments.

    Some are stepping forward.


    • josue doruade ⋅

      He who is afraid of the truth will die miserably in darkness. why are they so afraid after Isaias Samson filed a case of illegal detention??? because the Sangganohan ooops Sanggunian and the Manalo cult will eventually die a natural death. Imagine exposing the corruption, shameless lifestyle of the Ministros and the Sangganohan, killings, salvaging, illegal dealings and corruption laden block voting. Estilong MAFIA talaga. We dont need another corrupt vehicle in this country like the INM (aka INC). we have enough Pulpulitikos to do that. to add another CULTO in broad daylight is the height of stupidity among us Filipinos. LET THE TRIAL OF THE CASE BEGIN. WHAT ARE AFRAID OF IF YOU HAVE THE TRUTH????

  17. Many in the INC are Afraid of Freedom

    In the Shawshank Redemption movie, an old man who had spent all his life in prison was released. He was overtaken by depression and after a few weeks he could not cope with the freedom and hanged himself. The fear of freedom is a psychological condition. Animals who have spent a long time in cage; often do not want to leave it when the cage is opened. To be free requires courage. Those still under the Iglesia cult bondage experience the same.

    Many in Iglesia are afraid of freedom. If you think Iglesia holds any truth, show me. Before I dump this cult, I was overtaken by fear despite the fact that I knew Iglesia is a lie. But each time I looked into a mirror I saw a coward and a hypocrite. Finally I decided that is enough of cowardice and hypocrisy. I have known the truth and I am going to spell it out. I won’t let the manipulations of a dead damned false prophet control me. There is no doubt that he was an impostor. He was just a cult leader and a pervert one at that.

    Now instead of being a fool, I am enlightened. My life has meaning and I feel invigorated. Iglesia cultic influence is losing while my enlightenment is gaining momentum. I don’t want to be a part of the losers. The truth is in my camp and victory is mine. Iglesia is doomed because truth is more powerful than all lies as light is more potent than darkness. If still you think Iglesia ni Manalo is a true religion prove it. If you can’t, then leave it. But whatever you do don’t be a hypocrite. You live only once. Live with dignity and prove that you are not a sheep of a cult leader but a man of courage and understanding.

    If you remain inside that cult, before you die, you will come to your senses and regret having wasted your life with this cult. You will regret for having contributed to an evil force, for being part of the army of darkness and for being the moral support for the bigots who hate other faiths inspired by the cultic doctrines that you uphold. By being an Iglesia you are part of the army of darkness. You are part of the same machinery of hate.

    Sorry for this intellectual slap. I think you deserve it. You must be awakened. This slap serves you right. You are a weak man who is afraid to face the truth. You are so brainwashed that you lost your ability to seek the truth. Now your mind is numb and you no more care. You don’t give a damn whether your prophet and guru was a liar. You are a disappointment. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

    As you see freedom from cult is not easy. This maniac Felix devised a mind control system that is frightening. his scare tactics are so terrorizing that most members, brainwashed in this cult are unable to think rationally. Iglesia are victims of a mind control freak.


  18. jojo ⋅

    sa bgy commonwealth qc 2 patay last victim oct.13 2009 uwak st.

  19. rolando ⋅

    Im an INC member. Walang pasubali totoo ang mga nangyaring ito pero ito ba ang basehan bago umanib sa isang relihiyon?? Meron bang relihiyon na walang kasalanan ang bawat kaanib? Hindi ba sinabi ni Cristo sa mga hudyong gustong patayin sa pamamagitan ng pagbato ang isang babaeng nahuling nangangalunya “maunang pumukol ng bato ang walang kasalanan” at hindi ba pagkatapos non isa isang nag alisan ang mga taong gustong pumatay sa babaeng nahuling nangangalunya? Ano ang punto ko? Hindi ang maling ginagawa ng bawat kaanib sa isang iglesia o sahaman ang dapat maging basehan upang masabi nating ang isang iglesia o samahan ay sa katotohanan o hindi. Ang aral sana ang suriin natin, baka may magtanong sa akin “brod aanib na sana ako sa iglesia na to kaya lang puro mamatay tao daw sabi ng ibang nakausap ko” ang magiging sagot ko ay “brod ang Amang makapagyarihan sa lahat na Siyang magiging hukom sa katapusan ang siyang sisingil sa mga kasalanang nagawa nila kaanib man o hindi. Taong lahat ay haharap sa hukom ng Makapangyarihang Diyos bawat isa ay magsusulit ng kanyang mga gawa. Meron na bang iglesia na ang lahat ng kaanib ay hindi man lang nakagawa ng kamalian (pagtutungayaw, pag iimbot, pakikiapid, sakim sa sariling pakinabang, pagpatay, pagsisinungaling, panunuhol, pakikiapid sa kapwa lalake o babae at iba pang mga katulad nito)? Lahat tayo ay makasalanan upang lalong mahayag ang dakilang awa at pagmamahal ng Diyos.. Ang tanong ko lang ang nakita bang masamang gawa ng isang kaanib sa isang iglesia o samahan ang siyang basehan??

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

    • josue doruade ⋅


  20. mel

    listen to all your words you people who are very much judgmental in your criticism towards INC members and its administration. We were disciplined and thought words of GOD. People have their full responsibility on their acts may it an INC member or not. That is why you should not blame the religion itself for what a particular person does with his or her life. Iglesia Ni Cristo never tolerates its members in doing unlawful and bad actions. That is why the Church Administration continues to extend its guidance and help to secure the member’s disciplined acts. Look in thew mirror and analyze your inner self and ask your self “i criticize the INC but am i a good servant of the LORD?” Think of what i am saying. GOD bless you and your good mind.

    • faith-alone+grace-alone ⋅

      Read this and pray God would free you from INC’s ‘mind control’ techniques—- http://www.examineiglesianicristo.com/

      God bless you!

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  21. chad ⋅

    Iglesia ni kristo is anti-Christ

  22. dee ⋅

    may reklamo po ako iglesia ni cristo member din
    kaasalukuyang naka lista sa GENERAL MAXILOM,CEBU CITY na simbahan
    tubong Bacolod City ngaun po nagtatrabaho sa PEOPLE SUPPORT,cebu
    dami na po kasi yan atraso kahit kanino..
    kaya napadpad ng cebu kai mat atraso sa bacolod tapos nagpunta ng maynila e nagka atraso na naman sa New Era University kaya napa lipad patungong cebu e ngaun nagka atraso na naman..
    di pala bawal sa mga taga iglesia mamuhay ng superficial na buhay?
    yun bagang lagi ka uutang ng uutang sa ibang tao para pambili mo ng mga materyal na luho tapos sa huli hindi mo naman pala babayaran tatakassan mo pa,
    kami po Romano Katoliko po kami lahat sa apartment, meron din konting taga CCF, cya lang Iglesia, akala namin mababait mga myembro nyo e yun pala manloloko.
    pina abort pa nya baby nya, mga utang nya sa bayad ng renta tinakasan.. dalawang ex gf nya inutangan di na binayaran pagkatapos ng lahat….

    asikasuhin nyo po myembro nyo..
    wala din palang kwenta pag respeto namin sa pangkalahatan nyong paniniwala may isa lang din sumisira..
    para saan ba yung pagsisimba nyo at lista lista ng kalatas kung ganito lang din gagawin ng sia sa inyo….

    sana po maka tanggap po kami ng reply

    • rolando ⋅

      mawalang galang na po… sa mga katoliko ba walang manloloko, walang nakikiapid, walang magnanakaw??? ang kasalanan ng isang miyembro ay hindi kasalanan ng kabuuan. maaari kang magsadya sa isang kapilya ng iglesia ni cristo at pwedeng ikaw mismo ang magsumbong tungkol sa kapatid na binabanggit mo para mapatawan ng kaukulang disiplina…

      • rogie villarante ⋅

        kinakalakal ang mga salita ng dios. kayo ay biktima lmang at inosente. ang iglot ni batman ay gawa lamang ng tao. lahat kayo nagmula sa katoliko. kung alam nyo na mali ang relihiyon nyo. bt d kayo bumalik sa original. alam nyo rn na karamihan na nakakulong at nkakapatay ay katoliko. i dont need to explain. ang d makaintindi skin ay stupid. ang katoliko s tao. iyon ay mga pgsubok lmang kung krapat dpat k pra s panginoon. d rason s igletik ni batiktik ang disiplinado? mging perpekto? bandang huli dun kayo mapupunta sa impyerno at masusunog. bilanggo kayo dun 4ever. iglusion perpektua

    • cecil ⋅

      Kung may reklamo ka pumunta ka sa kapilya na sinasambahan nung taong sinsasabi mo. At kung reklamo lang ang motibo mo noon mo pa ginawa iyan dahil kung may sarili kang isip di mo palalampasin ang reklamo mong ito at di mo na patatagalin pa dahil ikaw mismo itatanong mo sa kapilya na sinasambahan ng taong iyon at di mo pa ipo-post dito na upang masagot ka rito. Iba lang ang motibo mo inihahayag mo sa tao na kahit isa lang ang gumawa sa iyo, natutuwa ka dahil kasiraan iyon sa INC. Bakit sa relihiyon mo isang katerba gumagawa noon at hindi pinag aaksayahan na ipost? Yung ginawa mo pinapakita lang na sinisilip mo yung butas sa karayom. Ang mga intelehenteng tao iyon ang nakikita sa ginawa mo. Ang masasabi ko lang huwag tao ang tignan mo kundi magsaliksik ka sa tunay na aral.

      • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

        Always stick to Blind Rules

        Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

        Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

        …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  23. dalton ⋅

    teka sino ba namumuno sa bansa natin di ba mga miyembro ng katoliko 99%ng pulitiko sa tin katoliko dyan pa lang kita mo na ang gawa ng mga romano katoliko kaya ang bansa natin walang asenso puro kurapsyon….

  24. prodigal ⋅

    ang mundong ginagalawan nating lahat ay iisa. bagamat kaanib sya ng iglesia, pinapatnubayan ng pamamahala, sya pa din ang may hawak ng buhay nya. Hindi mo maalis sa ano mang grupo ang may nakakagawa ng labag sa kautusang pinapatupad sapagkat tayo ay napapaligiran ng iba’t ibang uri/lahi ng tao. sA MGA MAY REKLAMO SA AMING KAANIB, ipaabot nyo po sa pamamahala ang sinumang may nagagawang atraso upang mapatawan ng kaukulang disiplina. Kami po ay namumuhay na sumusunod sa kautusan ng dyos, ang kasalanan ng isa ay di kasalanan ng lahat. walang anumang sallita ang makakabago ng aming paniniwala, habang kami ay hinahamak mas lalo namang yumayabong patunay lamang n kami ay ginagabayan ng ama. Inaanyayahan ko po kayo na makadalo sa aming mga PAMAMAHAYAG at PAGSAMBA para makita nyo po ang kaayusan at kahinahunan ng mga INC…

  25. romano16 ⋅

    Dear Bro. and Sis, lahat ng paratang nyo ay tama. hindi po yan tinuturo sa loob ng inc lalo na kung tatanungin nyu c ka erdie. kung sakali may mga ganyang pangyayari, yan ay sa kagustuhan ng myembro. ang masakit dito mga kapatid… ito ay sina sangayunan ng mga pangulong diakono malimit pa po ay pinag tatakpan pa ito ng pastor, ministro at ng ilang mataas na opisyal. ang pag inom ng alak, sugal, at pangangalunya ay normal na pong gawain ng miyembro ng inc members mapa ministro man hanggang sa mga myiembro. bawal ito kapag bulgaran, ang rules po ay dapat patago, kapag nabuking ka tiwalag ka. ako mismo kaiuman ko mga ‘PD’ as in PANGULONG DYAKONO at mga DYAKONO sanay nako sa kanila kc its their norm pati mga pag salvage, operations against soriano alam natin yan. ANG PROBLEMA PO DITO HINDI ANG RELIHIYUN, KUNDI ANG BULOK NA SISTEMA NA UMIIRAL SA LOOB NITO NA NAKAKASUKA AKALA KUNG GAANU SILA KALINIS…. MAS MARUMI PA SILA KUNG TUTUUSIN, HINDI AKO EX-INC, SA TOTOO LANG NAKA TALA PA AKO, PERO PANAHON NA PARA MAGISING SA KATOTOHANAN…

    • Arniel ⋅

      Where are you going if leave the Iglesia Ni Cristo?

    • gwen ⋅

      bakit ba, mr. Romano? saan sa tingin mo ang may totoong turo? aalis ka ng dahil jan? napakawalang-kwenta ang rason mo,brod. “ang matisod at MAGPATISOD ay kasalanan sa Diyos.”


  26. INC AKO ⋅

    Tama ka ROMANO, get out of this church, and don’t ever return on it. DAHIL HINDI KA KAILANGAN dito. Napakasinungaling mo kung totoong naging Iglesia ka man! Ang kapal ng muka mo na sabihing normal ang mga kasamaang ginagawa mo! mag-isa ka! o kayo ng mga kasama mong hindi normal! BANAL ang Iglesia Ni Cristo at ito ang tunay na sa Dios! Ang mga katulad mo ang dumurungis sa kabanalang ito! Sinoman ang mga kasama at katulad mo (kahit maytungkulin pa ‘yon o ministro), hindi man kayo mahayag ngayon, alam ninyong Dios ang hahatol sa inyo (mabuti pang hindi ninyo nalaman ang katotohanan, sayang!) ngunit TIYAK! ihahatid ni Cristo ang kanyang Iglesia sa Bayang Banal (hindi kayo kasali dun)!

    • cecil ⋅

      Romano di ka kailangan sa INC….kung hindi ka magbabagong buhay at maghayag ng sarili mo sa paglabag sa Dios pati ng mga kasama mo, huwag mo nang hintayin na mismo ang Dios ang magtakwil sa iyo. Mas mabuti pa ang mga taong hindi nalaman ang katotohanan kesa sa mga ginagawa mo na hindi nagbabagong buhay at hindi sinasapuso ang pagsunod sa Dios. Sa akala mo ba nakapagbibigay ka ng kaluguran sa Dios? Ikaw na rin ang nagbibigay ng kahihiyan kay Cristo. At kungdi ka pa natatauhan hindi ka kailangan sa loob ng INC. Dahil kailanman nilalabag mo ang inuutos ng Dios na siyang aral sa loob ng INC.

  27. prodigal ⋅

    sa pangalan p palng mang uusig n ng iglesia ni cristo…ROMANO….magbagong buhay kn habang may panahon pa….

  28. The congested Philippine jails speak for itself!!! Ninety nine percent of the inmates belong to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant cults!!! These are the real killing cults and the false religions!!! The public should not be made to forget the crimes during the Inquisitions, the Crusades, and the two World Wars!!!! The Roman Catholics were killing each other in Europe!!! And the same is true with the Protestant cults!!! Roman Catholics were killing the Protestants and so did the Protestants who were also killing the Roman Catholics during the course of the two World Wars!!!
    The jails of all countries in the world are filled up with criminals from both the Roman Catholic and Protestant Cults!!! And lately, the tri-media are filled up with news stories about pedophilia, child molestations, and rapes committed by both Roman Catholic priests and protestant ministers!!! The public have to drive away all foreigners who are proselytizing the doctrines of the devil!!! Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are the real opium of the people for they are the religions planted by the Old Serpent!!!
    Real Elias Ibarra

  29. To: The Running Dogs of the Old Serpent and to the Chigoes of Eliseo Fernando Soriano
    I just want to educate all of you that what you are doing is to hide the crimes of the real culprits and thus jeopardizing the interests of the real victims!!! You are a big part of the criminal groups masquerading as religions!!! Allow me to continue in exposing the criminals!!!
    Fort Pierce, FL. Pastor Kenneth Johnson, recently convicted of having sex with a minor, and Friendship Missionary Baptist Church — where he reportedly continues to minister — were named in a sex-abuse lawsuit filed Tuesday. Johnson, 39, is scheduled to be sentenced Friday on one count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. He faces up to 15 years on the second-degree felony. (The Tribune, January 22, 2003) .
    Johnson to be sentenced Friday on 1 count of unlawful sexual activity with minor


    Bryan, TX. A pastor was arrested and released from jail Monday night after he was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Ford was indicted earlier this month based on an allegation he had sexually assaulted a teenage boy who went on a trip with the pastor to the Texas Panhandle more than two years ago. Ford was pastor from the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Bryan where he had served for 17 years. (Bryan-College Station Eagle, Dec. 24, 2002)
    pastor accused of assaulting Bryan boy arrested


    TEMECULA, CA. Six years ago, Becky J.’s life revolved around Temecula Valley Baptist Church. She worshipped there, went to school there, and even worked after hours two days a week at the school to earn pocket money. That’s where she met 40-year-old Pastor Kerry Clyde Martin. But at 14, Becky didn’t understand the concept of street smarts, she said. She didn’t know when the man befriended her what the future held. “He listened to my problems and would tell me how right I was if I had a fight with my parents,” she said. “I always thought he meant it in a pastor way, or like a father.” Little did Becky know that as a cleric at two previous churches — one in Maryland and one in Orange County — Martin had already been accused of sexually molesting at least three other girls, all 14. Little did she know the friendly, charismatic minister was taking the first steps that would culminate in his repeatedly raping the girl over the next two years. (The Californian, Dec. 8, 2002)
    Child sex abuse reaches far beyond Catholic Church, experts say.


    ANDERSON, S.C. Youth Minister William Bell of Mount Tabor Baptist Church pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor 2nd degree, four counts of lewd acts upon a child under sixteen and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. An investigation revealed two male victims, the youngest was 10 years old. (WASV TC, Nov. 14, 2002)
    Youth Minister Pleads Guilty To Sexual Conduct With Minors
    Man Had Illegal Contact With Boys At Anderson Church


    DETROIT, MI. A minister at an east side Detroit church admitted Friday that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl, leading to her pregnancy. Prosecutors accused Delton Benson of having sex with the unnamed girl in August 2000. A warrant was issued for his arrest last March charging the 32-year-old minister at Straight Street Baptist Church with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. (sexcriminals.com, Nov. 1, 2002)
    Minister arrested
    Detroit Pastor Has Dropped Out Of Sight


    First Baptist is a congregation that reveres its pastor. And so a dozen church elders decided unanimously that pastor Rev. Lawrence French, who says he is innocent, should remain as pastor. Convinced that the 72-year-old pastor could not have committed the alleged offenses, they also concluded that it would be unfair to French to notify other members of the church about the allegations. (The Boston Globe, November 1, 2002)
    Paster Convicted by Synod, but Congregation doesn’t believe Pastor is guilty
    Congration wants Paster to Remain
    I know that the defenders of the Protestant cults will continue to deny their crimes to humanity!!! But the history books will never deny their atrocities all over the world!!!
    Real Elias Ibarra

  30. To: The Public and Most Especially the Roman Catholics and the Protestant Cults

    You have to study your history as to how you hated each other!!! Then after that you have to dissociate yourselves from your false religions for it is God’s commandment to do so!!!

    Most Americans of the early Nineteenth Century remained Protestant and evangelical, but the United States is a rapidly changing nation. While not officially America’s state religion, Protestant values predominate. So much so that standard old fashioned American values approximate Protestant values. Historians believe most Americans favored tax supported education because American public education was Protestant education. Three factors support this:

    1. Schools taught history from the Protestant perspective.

    2. Schools used the King James Version for reading instruction and devotional thoughts.

    3. Almost every American college had Protestant roots. Protestant denominations started eight of nine colleges that began between 1830-1860. Even the state universities reflected Protestant values.

    Roman Catholicism challenged the Protestant majority in the 1830s and 1840s. How that challenge occurred, and its effect, I trace out here.

    I. The coming of the Catholics.

    Catholic came to North America quite early. George Calvert established Maryland as a Catholic refuge in 1634. The first colonial bishop in the English colonies resided in Baltimore and by 1808, the Baltimore see attained Archbishop status. By 1808, bishops sat in Bardstown, Kentucky, and two other American cities. Catholicism spread westward along with Protestantism.

    Immigration spurred Catholic growth. In the 1830s, thousands of Irish immigrants entered the United States for two reasons. First, the English landlord system in Ireland forced many out of the country. Second, the potato blight caused such hardship that others left Ireland for better lands.

    Irish immigration reached panic proportions in the 1840s because of the potato blight. Potatoes normally grew well in the Irish soil, but potato blight destroyed whole crops. Since the Irish diet depended on the potato, blight created starvation and economic collapse. Potatoes keep well for about a year under the right conditions. If one crop fails, and the seed potatoes are bad or nonexistent, then a potato farmer is finished. Irishmen faced only two choices, emigrate or die. Thousands did both. Let the statistics speak for themselves.

    1841 Irish population……….10,000,000

    In 14 years 1.5 million died ………………

    …………………1.6 million emigrated.

    Most early Catholic immigration came from Ireland, but German Catholics also contributed to their numbers. During the 1830s and 1840s, the U.S. Catholic population increased five-fold. The sheer number brought a number of internal and external pressures.

    II. Internal Catholic problems

    The American Catholic church found Episcopal supervision difficult after the Revolution. The large geographic areas of the dioceses made control difficult. Many local congregations followed the earlier Anglican lead and formed strong boards of “lay trustees.” These “lay trustees” held title to Catholic property which bishops normally controlled.

    In the 1830s, the Catholic hierarchy reduced the size of the typical American diocese to allow more direct and efficient supervision. By then the “lay trustees” had grown accustomed to their authority and refused to relinquish their semi-authoritative position. Struggle ensued between lay leadership and the clergy. In 1786, the trustees of New York City’s St. Peter’s church asserted the right to select their own priest–an unheard of practice. In 1847, trustees locked out a bishop from his Buffalo, New York, building. In Philadelphia, William Hogan, a rebellious priest whom the trustees supported, had a showdown with his bishop. Hogan appeared to hold the upper hand but the bishop excommunicated him and the trustees eventually fell into line. Even as late as 1930, the American bishop’s authority remained somewhat in doubt. Because of all this, American Catholicism develops along a different path than most of the world’s Catholics. American Catholicism tends to hold more liberal views on many issues and often manifests a more independent spirit than other Catholics.

    The fact that most nineteenth century Catholics were immigrants creates its own set of problems. New American Catholics found cultural adjustment difficult. Each national group had a difficult time identifying with Catholics from other national groups. Furthermore, Rome appointed few American bishops. John Carroll, Baltimore’s first bishop, and a few others were homegrown, but the church imported many bishops from France. Many American Catholics, American, Irish, and German, found themselves supervised by French bishops, who reported to Rome through the French church. American Catholics resented those ties to Europe. The immigrants didn’t like it either. The Irish, for example, hated French supervision. In effect, they felt dominated by a “foreign” clergy. But the Irish don’t have their own priests in the New World yet and had not had time to education a priesthood. Until the Irish raised up their own priests, they tolerated French supervision. When Germans arrived later they faced a similar situation. By then, the Irish had priests but the Germans didn’t. The Germans resented Irish leadership. When the Poles came even later, they discovered their hierarchy had German roots. And so it went . . . .
    Post 1…to be continued

  31. IV. The results

    Slavery embarrassed many southerners at the beginning of the century. More southerners than Yankees called for emancipation before The Liberator began publication. Once Garrison started publication, southerners became defensive. Attempting to justify their position, they pointed out that God sanctioned slavery in the Old Testament. The Bible did not condemn slavery, they argued, so it must be all right. Northern clergymen countered that southerners based such interpretations on extreme literalism. The south reacted so strongly to radical abolitionists that when Elijah Lovejoy died–1837–anti-slavery organizations no longer existed.

    Slavery continued to cause problems in mainline denominations. Methodists founded their first anti-slavery association in 1834. By 1841, Michigan Methodists grew uncomfortable with the general unwillingness to act that they withdrew to form the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Mainline Methodism faced the issue in 1844. A Baltimore Methodist minister married into a family which owned slaves. When he refused to set them free, his conference released him. At the same time, James Andrews, Georgia’s bishop, also owned slaves. Northern abolitionists demanded he free them or face suspension. Southern Methodists protested but since northern Methodists saw slavery as a moral issue they demanded his expulsion. After 11 days debate, the northerners won the vote by a 2-1 margin. They won the vote but lost anyway. The southern Methodists withdrew to form the Southern Methodist Church.(1)

    Baptists remained fairly independent with little structure beyond their associations. The Baptist General Assembly met regularly from 1814 on but it held little power. Baptists formed the American Baptist Anti-Slavery Society in 1840 forcing moderate Baptists to take a stand. In 1844, the Georgia Baptist Convention appointed James Reeves, a slave owner, as missionary to the Cherokee Indians. When his petition for approval came to the General Convention it was rejected. In 1845, southern Baptists withdrew to form the Southern Baptist Convention in Augusta, Georgia.

    Presbyterians split into two groups over liberalism, the “Old School” and “New School,” in 1837. New School Presbyterians allowed some Arminian teachings into their churches. Most New Schoolers lived in the north. In 1850, they stated that Scripture did not sanction slavery and they enforced this view in 1857. That same year, the New School Presbyterians split geographically. The Old School faction remained somewhat united until the Civil War when they, too, split. In 1864, the two southern groups united to form the Southern Presbyterian Church. When the war ended the two northern groups united. The Presbyterians divided over theology but united over social issues.

    When John C. Calhoun gave an address in Congress in support of the Compromise of 1850, he said American religious bonds were broken and he pleaded that the nation’s political bonds remain united. The fact that churches could not get along indicated no one else could either. Church division over slavery predicted the Civil War.
    It is very clear here that both the Roman Catholics and the Protestant cults increased their GDP through the sweat of the brows of people who were kidnapped from Africa!!!
    Real Elias Ibarra

    • eliasthesucker ⋅

      ako ay dating iglesia ni manalo member tumiwalag ang tatay ko sa kanila dahil di na nya maatim ang pamemera ng iglesia ni manalo dito sa maoag pangasinan

      vanessa palagud

  32. calvin ⋅

    nakulong naman cla…masaya nah kayo?…pero,kahit nsa kulungan cla,..at magsisi,magbalikloob…dahil sa itiniwalag sila…ligtas cla,kung maibalik pa sila sa iglesia..
    kaya,sa mga kapatid..na gumawa nyan..magsisi kayo…dahil,mahabagin ang panginoong dios,.aminin nio sa dios ang kasalanan,..tulad ng ginawa ni DAvid…marami siyang napatay na kaaway ng Iglesia..ngunit npatawad sya ng Ama at pinangakuan pa xa,naging binhi nya ang P.jesucristo,…..hindi ba ang anak nia ang pinagtayo ng templo dahil sa marumi niyang kamay… . . . .

    anyway..wala namang makapagbabago na ang iglesia ni cristo,ay ang bayan ng dios nuon pang una…ang bayan nyang hindi na tatalikod….

    nasa Biblia ang lahat ng aral nito…ang paglitaw…
    at ang mga pangyayari bago lumitaw..tulad ng pagpatay sa mga dating iglesia nung panahon pa ng inquisisyon,kung kaya,..hindi na ito ang kinagisnan natin…

    wag nating kalimutan,..kung saan nagsimula ang ibang relihiyon…dinaan nila…sa sapilitan.!!!
    inakit nila sa kasiyahan sa kalayawan..,sa fiestah…ang iba,ay nagpapangako pa ng scholarship,.. negosyo…,

    ngunit ang iglesia ay BIBLIA Ang sandata… . .

    • angel aquino ⋅

      MALI MALI NAMAN ANG ARAL NG INCm. anti cristo naman kayo…

      • cecil ⋅

        As I read all your comments were all foul words to INC. Who are you anyway? The way you talk as If you know everything…People who observed you ay katulad ka sa mga taong nagmamarunong pero sa mga salita mo naman nakikita na wala kang kaalaman kundi manira lang ng kapwa. Ito ba ang tinuturo ng religion mo? Me nakita ka lang na nagkamali na miyembro nilalahat mo na. Bakit sa palagay mo ba mas malilinis kayo?Wala kayong pagkakamali? Mas masahol pa nga kayo eh.Tignan mo ang aral hindi tao. Nakikita lang sa mga salita mo kung anong klase kang tao at ikaw ang anti Cristo dahil puro paninira lang ang gingawa mo.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

    • armando ⋅

      Acts 20:28 – (God purchased us with His own blood)
      Revelation 1:5,6; Revelation 5:8-9 – (Jesus’ blood purchased us)

      Isaiah 43:10,11 – “You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior.”
      Revelation 1:17-18; Revelation 2:8 – (Jesus is the First and the Last)

      di tao si Kristo… dyos sya… at di na need ng sugo dahil sya na ang una at huling tumubos sa atin brother..

  33. bong ⋅


    • cecil ⋅

      People who have great minds really search and observes the real truth…And the teachings of INC never teached to worship Felix Manalo. And all the teachings of INC were all biblical and never add or subtracts the words you can read which God command us. And as I tell you the truth you dont know what are you saying and as I see you , you belong to a lowest kind and you, yourself deceiving people.

  34. bong ⋅

    Bible verses twisted by the INC Part 1
    by Jerry

    Bible twisting by the Iglesia ni Cristo is so pervasive and so comprehensive that one who studies its doctrines can readily conclude that almost all the verses it uses are twisted and made to conform and follow what Manalo wants not what God wants. Never in the history of cultic behavior has there been a God defying church and a cultic church that is a true menance to society than the Iglesia ni Cristo cult. Iglesia members are made slaves of Manalo under the pretense of serving God. Complete obedience to Manalo and his founded Iglesia ni Cristo is a full defiance to the first commandment enunciated by Jesus Christ to love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength (Mark 12:30). Even the second commandment of love your neighbor as yourself (Mk. 12:31) is also being perverted to mean converting your neighbors to become members of the Iglesia cult. In this series, we will enumerate the verses that are being twisted and perverted by the Iglesia and provide the proper context in which they are written.


    “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me, receives Him who sent Me.” Mt. 10:40 NKJV

    The Iglesia ni Cristo twists this verse in furtherance of Felix Y. Manalo’s alleged appointment as Mmessenger of God in these last days. The Iglesia has constructed a chain of link to God unbroken as follows:



    Jesus Christ did not give this authority to anyone but to the twelve apostles (See Mark 10:1). Therefore, the context is: anyone who receives the apostles receives Jesus Christ, and anyone who receives Jesus Christ receives God who sent Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the true messenger (sent) of God (Jn. 5:36).

    If Felix Manalo contends he is also sent by God using this verse, then, he must be around when Jesus Christ was talking to his apostles. How can it be possible that Felix Manalo was around in the first century when Felix Manalo was born only in the 1880’s? It is because the deceiving spirit, also known as the devil, has been around since the era of Adam and Eve. Satan has been around when Christ was on earth. Satan is able to enter man whom he wants to use as instrument in deceiving people. Who can doubt that the deceiving spirit is present in the Iglesia ni Cristo?

    Besides, which of the doctrine of the Iglesia is true? Felix Manalo was sent by God based on their use of Rev. 7:2-3?, or Felix Manalo was sent by Christ based on their use of John 10:16? or Felix Manalo was sent by the apostles based on their use of 2 Cor. 5:19-20? The perversions of the Scriptures by the Iglesia is manifested by their conflicting doctrines.


    “praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” -Acts 2:47 NKJV

    The Iglesia uses this verse to back up their doctrine that people must be added or be included or be a member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo). The twisting here is making the word “church” into “Church”. Ultimately, the goal is to make the word into “Church of Christ”. Another twisting by the Iglesia is making the order backwards. The proper order according to the verse is: SAVING COMES FIRST BEFORE ADDING. In the Iglesia, however, ADDING COMES FIRST BEFORE SAVING. In the Iglesia, you must be added first into their church rolls before you can become saved. The Iglesia will not use any other Bible versions other than King James and New King James because in other versions you can not find the word “church” which word is easily twisted to become Church of Christ.


    The true context of the word “church” (not capitalized) is “body” which refers to people believers. Every believer is a body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27). Since we are no longer under the law of Moses but under the era of grace (Rom. 6:14), we are saved only through the grace of God (Eph. 2:5). First, we get saved not by any other means than by grace from God (Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 9:15-16). Therefore, God saves us first before we are given to Jesus Christ (Jn. 17:6) to be added as part of Jesus Christ’s flesh and bones (Eph. 5:30). The following verses support the context that those saved are ADDED TO THE LORD (not added to the Iglesia ni Cristo-Church of Christ):

    “And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women.” -Acts 5:14 NKJV

    “For he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added to the Lord.” -Acts 11:24 NKJV

    3) ACTS 20:28 LAMSA – The common noun, “church of Christ”:

    “Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock ove which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood.” -Acts 20:28 Lamsa Translation

    The twisting here is making the common noun “church of Christ” into proper noun “Church of Christ” in order to lend biblical legitimacy of their cult. Also, the Iglesia cult dishonestly uses the Lamsa knowing fully well that the correct translation is “church of God” (King James, New King James, Today’s English Version, New International Version):

    “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His blood.” -Acts 20:28 New King James Version


    What was purchased is not an organization such as the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), but, people. The people believers were purchased by God with Jesus Christt’s blood. Being purchased by God, they become the property of God. Therefore, the people are called church of God or people owned by God. The verse that supports this context is 1 Cor. 6:20:

    “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Cor. 6:20 NKJV

    THE VERSE SAYS, “For YOU were bought at a price;..” The pronoun YOU refers to the people because only people can glorify God with their body and spirit.

    The Iglesia ni Cristo, in an effort to play down their twisting of Acts 20:28 Lamsa, insinuates that since the original Greek manuscripts were all in lower cases, the translation for church is also in lower case. The fallacy of this argument is that how come the word Holy Spirit is translated as upper case? In the Greek manuscripts, although they were all written in lower cases, there are identifications within the sentence construction that a word is translated either lower or upper case in English or in other languages. The translators are experts in Greek as well as in English and other languages they were translated into. All Bible translators including George Lamsa agree that the word “church” should be a lower case (not capitalized), but, the word Holy Spirit is an upper case (capitalized).


    “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” -Mt. 16:18 NKJV

    How can the Iglesia twist “My church” into “Church of Christ”? We have to understand that the Iglesia ministers were trained by Manalo in bible twisting for many years in the Philippines. Here’s how the Iglesia minister twists this verse. The minister will ask: “If Christ says to the Church that He will build, “My church”, will you call that Church any other name such as Church of Peter, or Church of James? No! If Christ calls it “My church”, it is not the Church of Peter or Church of James, but, Church of Christ!”

    I”m telling you, these ministers didn’t become ministers for nothing. If we will follow their reasoning, then, what they are talking about is ownership. Supposing Peter says, “My car!” Naturally, we call that car as “car of Peter”. The name “car of Peter” is not the name of the car but indicates only ownership of the car by Peter. If we want to know the name of the car of Peter, it could be Cadillac, or Firebird, or Mustang, or some other name.


    When Christ says, “I will buld My church,” He was referring to a house building because it is to be built upon a rock. The building here is symbolic representing the people believers who became the house of Christ. This context is supported by Heb. 3:6 NKJV

    “but Christ as a Son over His own house, whose house we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm to the end.” -Heb. 3:6 NKJV

    THEREFORE, when Christ said, “I will build My church,” He was referring to a house building. This house are actually the people believers holding fast to the confidence and rejoicing of the hope firm to the end. In other verse, believers are called temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16-17 NKJV).


    “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” -Acts 2:39 NKJV

    The Iglesia ni Cristo twists this verse to create three groups out of the two in order to create a slot for their cult. Thus, Manalo’s work of art is as follows: First group (to you –JEWS); Second group (to your children — GENTILES); Third group (to all who are afar off– the Iglesia ni Cristo).


    There are only two groups with promise, namely:

    1. to you and to your children, (Jews)
    2. and to all who are afar off (Gentiles)

    The two groups are separated by only one comma. With regards to the children, they can either be Jews or Gentiles depending on the race of the parents. The context that there are only two groups are supported by Rom. 1:16, 9:24, and 1 Cor. 1:24:

    “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.” – Rom. 1:16 NKJV

    This verse enumerates only two groups–Jews and Gentiles (also called Greeks).

    “even us whom He called not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?” -Rom. 9:24 NKJV

    Again, this verse enumerates only two groups-Jews and Gentiles.

    “but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.” -1 Cor. 1:24 NKJV

    Here, again, the verse specifies only two groups, they are: Jews and Gentiles (sometimes called Greeks).


    The Iglesia ni Cristo members are adamant in their position that AFAR OFF is also FAR EAST. Due to the twice a week brainwashing worship sessions, members no longer have any ability to distinguish right from wrong. Afar off is very different from Far East. Afar off is far away whether in the North, South, East, and West. Far East, however, is limited to just one location–EAST. Does the Bible say which group are those found in the afar off? Certainly. Let’s read:

    “And He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near…, Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh–who are called Uncircumcison by what is called Circumcision made in the flesh by hands–” -Eph. 3:17,11 NKJV

    ACCORDING to the verses, the afar off group are the Gentiles. The term Gentiles apply to anyone who is not a Jews. Therefore, the Gentiles could be found in all four corners of the world. The group of Manalo could no longer be Gentiles because if they do, who then will be called members of Manalo’s third group? Manalo and Son will cry if INC members will leave the unbiblical third group to join the second group Gentiles.


    “But Peter said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirt and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself? While it remained, was it not your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your own control? Why have you conceived this thing in your heart? you have not lied to men but to God. Then Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. So great fear came upon those who heard these things.” -Acts 5:3-5 NKJV

    THIS VERSES, is about the story of Ananias and Sapphira, the couple killed by God for lying to the Holy Spirit. The Iglesia twists this story as being not about lying to the Holy Spirit but about not following fully the church administration’s commandments. Manalo use these verses to scare members into full compliance with whatever Manalo wants to implement inside the Iglesia.

    INCIDENTALLY, the verse mentions that the Holy Spirit is God as the verse says, “You have not lied to men but to God.” Since, it’s the Holy Spirit was the one lied to, therefore, the Holy Spirit is God.

  35. bong ⋅

    in 1919, Manalo went to the U.S. to study with Protestants? Why would he study with ‘apostates’? Why would a prophet need to study religion at all, after having talked with God?”

    Because Felix Manalo didn’t start off claiming to be a prophet. Originally Iglesia ni Cristo was just another Protestant sect, one that borrowed heavily from the American Cambellites. It wasn’t until 1920, when there was a schism within Iglesia ni Cristo, that Manalo started to say he was a prophet. He said that because he wanted the members of his fledgling church to take his side, not the schismatics’ side.

    Manalo never was a prophet, just a slick con man. Even today the leaders of your church deceive you. They not only lie about the Catholic and Protestant churches, they lie about the origins of your own church. They don’t want you to know the truth.

    • cecil ⋅

      Nakakahiya ka naman ang kapal mo pang mag post ng mga sinsabi mo para mapa believe mo ang mga tao. Ibigay mo lahat ang ebidensiya hindi yung nagsasalita ka ng walang katotohanan na akala mo ang galing galing mo. Sa akala mo ba mahihikayat mo kami? Ang lahat ng itinuturo sa INC ay may ebidensiya sila na talata at hindi sila nagiimbento ng mga salita upang ipilit lang ang gusto na kagaya ninyo at lalong lalo na ikaw. Sa kabuuang aral na natutunan namin at naobserbahan sa loob ng INC, dito mo lamang makikita ang sincere na pagtuturo sa pagsunod sa Dios. At doon sa mga di tunay na INC, kasiraan lamang sila sa tunay na naglilingkod sa Dios. Huwag kang titingin sa tao kundi sa aral…at sa aral naman tignan mo kung may talata sa biblia ang itinuturo mo.Hindi yung pansariling opinyon lang. At ang talatang itinuturo mo ay may supportive words sa ibang verse. Halimbawa…Hindi yung sumampalataya ka lang maliligtas na… may supportive verses din yun kung paano ka maliligtas sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya at may kalakip na gawa at ano ano ang mga gawang iyon… Kung oobserbahan mo ang mga tapat na INC members ay hindi kailanman babalik sa dating relihiyon nila na kagaya ng ibang tao na kakainin pa ulit ang kanilang “sinuka”…Dahil nung wala pa kami sa loob ng INC marami na kaming naririnig na paninira at hindi kami katulad ng iba na walang bait sa sarili na makinig sa paninira. Naging curious kami at inalam naming lahat ang buong katotohanan at nakita lang namin ang malaking pagkakaiba ng INC sa ibang relihiyon at nabatid namin ang kapayapaan sa aming mga puso at nakakatiyak kami na kamiy hindi kailanman nagkamali sa pagtanggap ng katotohanan na mula sa Dios. May sarili kaming isip at mapapatotoo namin na ang mga aral sa INC ay aral na nagmumula sa Dios…at yung lahat ng mga sinasabi mo ay talbog sa iyo dahil di mo nalalaman ang sinsabi mo at dinadaya mo ang tao na maniwala sa iyo….

      • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

        Always stick to Blind Rules

        Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

        Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

        …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  36. bong ⋅

    From a former inm who was enlightened by the Holy Spirit and left the cult:

    “The veracity of the INC can be determined with a simple examination of the bible. We are not dealing with translations. Take any translation that you want. Time and again, the claims of INC can not be substantiated. THEY ARE SIMPLY FALSE. The last messenger, the eastern angel, the sealing of the Jews in Rev 7, deletion from the book of life are simply — man made doctrines. Take any translation and you will soon discover that the doctrines require extensive twisting of biblical scriptures.

    You and your ministers enjoy the dog returning to its own vomit and pig playing in the mud passage. It provides a graphic description. It’s clever of you to keep quoting it since it makes a reminder/warning to your members to never leave the church. In reality, it’s a matter of vantage point. I can say with all certainty that I will not return to my own vomit, to playing in the mud – the place known as INC. I therefore call you friend, that it’s NOW TIME FOR YOU TO LEAVE YOUR OWN VOMIT, LEAVE THE MUD and Join the Family of God.

    It is also very fitting that you praise the Church not God in your “doxology”. Glory to INC. That again speaks volume.


    Everyone note that the quotation from Jude 3. The faith was once for all given to the saints. That means the faith was complete. Jude 3 is actually a counter to the INC claim for the need of the last messenger in these last days. The bible is complete. All scripture is profitable….according to Paul. The faith was once for all given. no more revelation..In Hebrews 1, it says that “God in sundry times and diverse manners spoke..but now has spoken through Jesus [not Felix Manalo].”

    Praise be to Jesus the creator of heaven and earth. [John 1:1-1, Col 1:15-17, Hebrews 1:1-8]

    • savedbyJesus ⋅

      Thanks bong!
      Jesus is indeed in the business of changing lives. I am happy for your enlightenment Bong. May your life be a testament to our Saviour’s faithfulness. We are saved through grace and not by works, so no one can boast.

  37. bong ⋅


    “To all, do not bow to Felix angel for he is the false god of the INC and its members. Worship Jesus Christ for he is God! (John 1:1).

    Would God use a man who was a fornicator, a rapist, an adulterer, and use him to set up his “restored Church?” Would God use a man who perverts the Word of God to make himself into an angel from heaven? Would God use a man whose interpretation of Scripture was primarily self-serving and for self-glory and exaltation? Would God use a man who claimed he was the messias and like Solomon he had the right to have unlimited sexual partners? Would God use a man that the high courts of our nation rebuked for his deceiving of women to have relationships with him? Felix angel is in the same genre as Joseph Smith, both were philanderers and panty chasers. Both religious groups pervert the Word of God to make it testify for their own sexual predator leader.

    May God save the Republic and grant many Philippine citizens the beauty of true Bible salvation. It is not in Felix angel or the INC, it is all in Jesus, the one who died on the Cross. Is Felix angel equal to Jesus>? INC wishes, but Felix died and is dead, his body rotted and saw corruption. But the tomb of Jesus is empty. Felix angel just as much God as Jesus? Felix did not raise himself from the dead, Jesus did! Skin worms ate the body of Felix angel, Jesus saw no corruption. Felix angel is still in his hole in the ground whereas Jesus resurrected and sits on his throne in heaven. Those who are clean will escape from INC bondage and those seek Christ will never find him in an Iglesia Ni Cristo church. He is not there. Never was in one. And every Iglesia Ni Cristo structure is full of every foul spirit and sinful abomination. Not one of the INC churches is a holy place.

    Acts 2:38 is the plan of grace-faith salvation, and remember the promise is to as many as the Lord (Jesus) our God shall call!”

  38. kharlo gonzales ⋅

    gud am

    gusto ko po mag report sa inyo sa pag gagamit sa akin akala ko po fair with god sya na tao hanap po ako sa site ninyo, upang bigyan action ako po taga cdo- cagayan de oro gusto ko bigyan ng leksyon isa po sa member ninyo. ako po ay biktima at ginamet nya para makuha gusto nya inc- iglesia ni cristo sya, member po sya nakatira sa tagoluan misamis oriental buluarte zone 2 ang pngalan po niya alex dela torre galdo. sana tawagan ninyo kung sino in charge sa chruch ninyo at bigyan action reklamo ko ito. sana po ma solutionan ang report kung ito maraming salamt po

  39. RMAM ⋅

    matagal na po akong naghahanap ng malalapitan.Hindi ko po kasi alam if magiging 1 sided po kayo kasi hindi po ako INC pero sana po maging patas po kayo.Almost a year na po akong namumublema sa 1 member nyo na asawa ng ministro dahil sa malaking halaga na inutang nya para sa magulang nya.Lahat po ng pagmamakaawa,umiyak pa ako sa harapan nya nakita pa mismo ng asawa nitong ministro sa pabahay nyo.Ilang beses ng na-INC ang isa sa pamilya ko at matagal na rin na buhay ko ang nakasalalay dahil sa isang karamdaman pero hindi po sya kumikilos.Ngayon po buong pamilya na po kami na oras na lang ang inaantay kaso hindi ko po makuha ng buo yong pera para sana magamit namin sa pagpapagamot.Humihingi po ako sa inyo ng tulong.Alam po nito kung gaano ko minahal ang INC dahil nadudoktrinahan na rin po ako dati di nga lang nagtuloy-tuloy.Yon din po ang pinanghawakan ko ng pinahiram ko sa kanila ng pamilya nya yong ganon kalaking pera.Matamis syang magsalita di ko akalain na hindi pala halat pati asawa ng ministro ay agad pagkatiwalaan lalo na sa pera.Sana po matulungan po ninyo kami ng pamilya ko.Gusto ko pa pong maranasan ng mga anak ko ang mabuhay. Antayin ko po ang tugon nyo.Salamat po.

  40. RMAM ⋅

    i-correct ko lang po: Ilang bese ng na-ICU yong 1 sa pamilya ko,

    • gwen ⋅

      pwede naman po kayong makipag-ugnayan sa pamamahala ng Iglesia. Since,alam niyo naman po n pwede, ba’t po ba isinapubliko ang gawing ito ng kaanib Iglesia? kayo narin po bay may galit n rin? huwag naman po sana. patuloy pa rin po sana kayo sa iniong doktrina, ‘pagkat iyon lamang po ang tamang doktrina na maghahatid sa inyo sa buhay na walang hanggan.

    • angel aquino ⋅


  41. talk ⋅

    wla po akong kianakmpihan, sakin lng po ay personal opinion..
    we all have our own mistakes, wekanesses and admit it or not lahat po ng tao makasalanan. wg nmn po ntin ibase lng s mga nkikita nting mali ng iba. mgsing po tyo s realidad na ndi lng INC ang gnyan, kht nmn po saang religion may gnyan tlga kung titingnan nga po ntin mas grbe p s iba. wg n po tyong mgbatuhan ng putik d2. cguro mas mkakatulong ung mging mahinahon tyo at ayusin ang mga buhay ntin ndi po ung ngkakalat tyo ng weakness iba.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  42. RMAM ⋅

    Kaya nga ako humihingi ng tulong eh halata nmn na kinakampihan nyo kapwa nyo. Alam ba nyo kung magkano yong perang mini-mention ko??? 377 THOUSAND at kailangan nmin para makapagpagamot kasi buhay na namin ng mga anak ko ang nakasalalay.Sabagay hindi naman kayo ang mamamatay nga nmn pla at hindi kayo ang niloko ng kapwa nyo.Cguro nga gawain nyo pare-pareho kasi sa bibig din nya mismo galing na iisa lang ang naka-connect sa internet sa CONDO NG MGA IGLESIA sa SAN JUAN kung san sya nakatira pero naghahati-hati sila ng hindi alam ng globe company.Kala ko pa nmn bibigyan nyo ng disiplina at tutulungan kung sino ang naaapi yon pala eh hindi,iba pala ang pagkakakilala ko sa inyo.

  43. rene ⋅

    gusto m gumaling ang kapamilya m wlang bayad 100 percent khit anu p sakit nyan hanapin m ang jesus miracle crusade ni almeda d ako member dun pero kapitbahay kong pilay nkalakad by faith in true God to see is to believe now i believe there is true church of god.

  44. airish ⋅

    hindi cguro totoo un!!!
    jesus miracle crusade!!!

  45. cecil santos ⋅

    Nakakatuwa talaga ang ibang pilipino..mga lalake pa naman… bakit me reklamo ka pala sa isang tao at kung sincere ka sa nirereklamo mo di mo na kelangan pangalandakan pa. Hanapin mo nang personal ang taong alam mong makakatulong sa iyo kung niloko ka man at di n kelangan ipangalandakan pa. Ibang motibo na yan..mapa ano mang relihiyon ka , respetohin natin ang belief nila at iyan ang freedom sa isang katauhan. Ang pagkakamali ng isa di pagkakamali ng lahat ,kahit anong relihiyon ka at suriin mo maraming taong di matuwid na nakasisira sa kani-kanilang organisasyon. At yung iba dyan n feel nilang napakarunong at nagtuturo pa at me paverse-verse pa, isipin mo lang na baka me mas matalino sa iyo at mas malawak ang pag intindi kaya respect them whatever religion they want to choose…No need to publish and pinpoint ang kasalanan ng tao s kani kanilang relihiyon dahil pare pareho naman eh. At baka yung relihiyon mo na kinaaaniban ay mas marami pang mas grabe sa pinipinpoint mo. Ang mahalaga lang ipakita natin na tayoy tunay na pilipino me respeto sa isat isa at bigyan ng kalayaan na pumili kung anong gusto mong sapian at sundin. At wag maghusga sa kapwa tao dahil ang Dios lang ang may karapatang humusga sa atin kung tayo nga ay karapatdapat talaga nga s Dios. Please lang bigyan ng kalayaang pumili ang tao kung anong gustong relihiyon and mind ur own business.

  46. cecil ⋅

    nakakatawa ang may ari ng website na ito….kahit mo pa ipangalandakan ang pagkakamali ng kapwa pilipino mo na naiiba lang ang relihiyon sa iyo, pagka ikaw ay may malawak na kaisipan at may pagmamahal sa kapwa mo, kahit kailanman di mo pagkakaabalahanan na gawin ito at ipangalandakan ang miyembro nila eh. Ang dating lang nito wala kang pag-ibig at respeto sa kapwa at ginagawa mo ito dahil nasa puso mo ang inggit dahil hindi mo matanggap na sa pagkakaalam mo ang relihiyon na tinitira mo na ang mga tao ay walang isip n katulad mo. Dahil kung malawak ang isip mo never mong ginawa ito. Whats the point of doing this?Bakit yung malawak ang isip ng tao mahihikayat mo?Bakit ang kasalanan ba ng isa kasalanan ng lahat?Respeto lang ang ibigay mo sa kapwa pilipino mo at pagmamahal sa kapwa at diyan mo mahihikayat ang tao sa magandang ugali..Ugaling civilised…may respeto at pagmamahal s kapwa. Iyan ang tunay na pilipino…

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  47. Anonymous

    why is it that pag inc member masyado nyong pinagdidiinan? compare it to non-inc?? hindi na mabilang..konting manners po salamat

    • angel aquino ⋅


  48. fivewounds ⋅


  49. Light ⋅



    • angel aquino ⋅


    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  50. eraser ⋅

    Si Judas nga na Mismong alagad nii Cristo Ngtaksil at ngkasala mismo sa Panginoong Jesucristo…ngaun pa kaya sa panahon natin n laganap na ang kasamaan at katampalasanan…ang Matuwid ay magpapakatuwid at ang Masama ay magpapakasama…

  51. tony ⋅

    sige na tama na ang IGLESIA NI CRISTO! Satisfied?

  52. teenager tired of all the disfunction. ⋅

    for the english:
    all of you that are criticizing the INC and felix manalo seem to believe you are higher than the entire INC. The INC doesnt control the actions of the members. frankly we all live on this earth, planet, large object and discriminating against a religion and the entire church because of a few members is sad. you should all be ashamed of spitting on the name of this religion when there are so many other religions that have had members do such horrid acts. ALL man kind are sinners and sadly sins come in all sizes. if you believe in heaven its your choice as to which religion you believe will get you there. As for the members of the INC they believe this is the true church. We do not go around calling the pope a cult leader. so why felix manalo? common courtesy. thank you.

    for the tagalog:
    lahat mo na criticizing Inc at Felix Manalo na mukhang naniniwala ikaw ay mas mataas kaysa sa buong INC Ang Inc doesn’t kontrolin ang mga pagkilos ng mga miyembro.lantaran namin ang lahat ng nakatira sa ang lupa, planeta, malaking bagay at nakikita ang kaibhan laban sa isang relihiyon at sa buong iglesia dahil ng ilang mga miyembro ay malungkot.dapat mong ikahiya ng pagsigam sa ang pangalan ng relihiyon na ito kapag may mga maraming iba pang mga relihiyon na mayroon mga kasapi tulad nakatatakot kilos.LAHAT uri ng tao na mga makasalanan at sadly kasalanan ay dumating sa lahat ng mga sukat.kung naniniwala ka sa langit nito ang iyong mga pagpipilian bilang na kung saan relihiyon na naniniwala ka ay makakakuha ka doon.Tulad ng para sa ang mga miyembro ng Inc naniniwala sila na ito ay ang tunay na iglesya.Hindi namin pumunta sa paligid ng pagtawag ng papa ng isang kulto lider.kaya kung bakit Felix Manalo?karaniwang kagandahang-loob.Salamat sa inyo.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  53. cecil ⋅

    If you hate their religion just respect them…and people will respect you…..dont ever judge people whatever their good or wrong doings and only God knows whose the real worshippers and sincerely love God….If you really love God you do the RIGHT THING….Love your neighbour,friends and people around you….and one way of loving is RESPECTFULNESS…whatever they choose respect and Love them…this is an attitude of REAL ….not fake…. worshippers and CIVILISED PERSON…People with great minds does believe to those people who Love and sharing all the goodness that our Almighty God commands us.

  54. Peace po sa inyo lahat INC and non- INC!

    INC members were good,kind and religious ,disciplined, people …………

    The same is true to non-INC who were also religious, jolly, and zealous people!…………

    bakit kailangan pang humantong sa ganito?
    kailangan pa bang mag-away tayo……. we who worship
    the same God, and we who call ourselves Christians?

    You`re situations were like the constant conflicts among Jews and Samaritans,

    again… Jews and Arabs, quarelling among themselves even though they were brothers….. Jews…. descendants of Isaac,
    Arabs descendants of Ishmael……
    Ishmael and Isaac who were both sons of Abraham,
    a friend of Almighty Father, the Creator

    sapagkat ang GALIT, SELOS at KASAKIMAN ay lumilikha ng mga dambuhalang halimaw..

    ngunit ang PAG-IBIG at AWA lamang ang nakakagawa ng mga magagandang bagay na kaayaaya sa mga mata ng Ating Amang Lumikha……

    sana po ay matapos na ang awayang ito
    and people, lets live in Peace and Harmony.


  55. El Hombre

    peace na po ba MARIA LACAMBRA and CECIL?


    War is Over
    if you want it
    War is Over

    Tama na ang bangayan
    nakaraan ay tapos na
    magpatawaran na kayo

    sabi nina:
    certified anonymous
    the Legend of Aang
    El Hombre

    it seems this three “idiots” were
    the “peace maker” in this damned site……….


  57. QUARTZ

    t seems this three “idiots” were
    the “peace maker” in this damned site……….


  58. kawawa naman ang mga nananira at nang uusig… bakit po indi n lng kayo mag ask ng question ng sa ganon po ay malinawan po kayo?? kung wala nanman po kayong magandang sasabihin ay wag na lang po kayong mag komento

    proud 2 be INC

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  59. cecil ⋅

    In my opinion as I see the INC religion in this site does always the good thing…. The way they write their comments you will know their were descent and sincere to their religion… They never mentioned repeatedly what they saw bad things to people in other religion… and in fact the Non INC members, if you always read and heard the news, they were a thousands did a wrong doings compared to INC were only one or two did the same…. But because of inggit and hating so much INC and some they dont know why, they became more aware and happy to tell the world that some of a member of INC did bad thing…..If you have a great minds you will see or observe people who publish and comment the wrong doings of some INC members and repeatedly saying, and instead of only few people who did a mistake, they mentioned as if the entire INC did it. Some Non INC member were unrespectful and undescent comments which compared or more worst to uncivilised people….this is not judgemental but this is an observation… Hoy! yung iba dyan mahiya kayo at magpakatao kayo…kaya tuloy sa mga taong nag oobserve sa mga sinasabi ninyo nagpapatotoo lang na di tama ang relihiyon na kinaaaniban ninyo especially sa may-ari ng website na ito. Napakadali lang ang iniuutos ng Dios magibigan sa isat isa …one way you show your love is to respect each and everyone. Kung galit kayo sa INC, katunayan lang na di kayo sumusunod sa gusto ng Dios. Tuloy lahat ng sinasabi ninyo sa kanila bumbalik sa inyo…. As I observed hindi sila naninira ng ibang religion kundi sinasabi lang nila ang belief nila at gusto lang nila ipaalam sa mga tao na ang religion nila ay tunay dahil kasi yun ang belief nila. Alisin ninyo ang galit ninyo sa hindi naman big deal dahil belief nila iyon eh. Love them and respect them……Kung gumawa man ng di tama ang iba sa INC member hindi nangangahulugan lahat ng INC ganoon. … Always love and peace to your neighbour, friends and relatives….Magpakatao tayo dahil doon maipapakita kung anong klaseng relihiyon ang kinaaniban natin. At para makitang civilised ka …..RESPECT them.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  60. Hamilan ⋅

    Sandali ano naba nanyari kay baklang Eli Soriano??? Ay Bro Eli pala. Puro re-run nalang yun palabas nya sa T.V.

  61. thata

    para mong malaman nangaral po siya sa buong mundo mga incm

  62. Charles ⋅

    nuong nagsisimula pa lang ang INC ay marami na ang nagtangka na sirain ito subalit lahat sila ay nabigo, sapagkat ang gawain ng INC ay sa Diyos, tinupad ng Panginong Diyos ang kaniyang pangako na hindi Niya ito pababayaan. kahit ano pa ang ipukol at sabihin ng mga kumakaaway sa INC, lahat sila ay pawang mapapahiya. tuloy tuloy ang tagumpay ng INC hindi laman sa Pilipinas kundi sa buong mundo.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  63. bong flores ⋅

    on the way na ang kaparusahan sa mga aral na hindi ka CRISTO ,the spirit of GOD can guide us to the truth in tursting JESUS CHRIST,,sa mga huling araw maraming false prophet ang lilitaw will decieve many,,kaya sa aral po ni CRISTO kumapit hindi sa pagsapi ng kung sino man,,read the bible and pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will guide you to understand..mahalaga ang kaluluwa,,the blind could not carry a blind pareho silang mahuhulog sa bangin..who ever call upon the name of JESUS will be save.

  64. davao inc ⋅

    sa lahat ng ngleave ng message sa web na ito natutuwa ako sa pinag tatalunan nyo: do you believe not all perfect?cecil,kc ikaw ang malkas tumalak sa mga salita mo plang its shows who you are..and pano mo nasabing rapist? bkit buhay kna ba nun??sigurado kaba dun?? if ndi pa mahiya ka sana kc kung sa mga tsismis mo lng narinig mlamang tsismosa ka??and tungkol nman bout sa story na to..siguro nga totoo ang nangyari na yun..pero ito ay dahil sa pagmamhal nila sa iglesia dala lamang ng bugso ng damdamin..binastos pla ang kapilya nilgyan ng tae..kayo kya mang uusig ang paliguan ko ng tae o kya mga asawa nyo anak nyo ano kya ang gagawin nyo baka mas brutal pa ang gagawin nyo..ngaun plang wla pa nangyari sa inyo grabe na kayo manira how much more if sa inyo nangyari yan tama ba?? kahit sa aking sarili iaalay ko ang buhay para rito..ung sa mga tga sira nman mhiya kayo malinis ba kayo???and sigurado ba kayo sa mga sinsabi nyo???ung mga naninira sa aming sugo pasensya kung masasabi ko to sa inyo “ang baboy apliguan mo man gagapang parin sa putikan yan..ibig sabihin ko kahit magpanggap man kayo na malinis nkikita parin sa mga sinasabi kung sino kayong tlaga…

    thank you

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

    • christian ⋅

      Hindi po ba bawal ang member ng iglesia ni cristo ang sumanib sa union? bakit dito sa amin sa selecta sa pasig 2 ang miyembro at hindi pa basta miyembro..mga opisyales pa at sila pa ang aktibo sa pag strike dito sa compound ng selecta at nanghaharang ng mga truck…isa po ako bagong miyembro at nakaka dismaya lang po na makakita ng mga matatagal ng miyembro na aktibo sa union..miyembro sila ng pasig at montalban chapter…saang site ko ba dapat idaan reklamo ko para mapasyalan ang mga miyembro dito na sobrang aktibo sa union.

  65. cecil ⋅

    excuse me…paki copy at paste mo dito sa comment message box kung sinabi ko yung about rapist?wala yata akong nababanggit na ganoon?Ako ba ang tinutukoy mo kungdi ako nagkakamali?…Kasi naiinis nga ako sa paninira sa INC kaya pinaprangka ko yung mga taong walang magawa na maghayag ng pagkakamali sa members ng INC….Pati na tung may ari ng website na ito dahil kung matinong tao siya di nya gagawin ito upang ipangalandakan lamang ang pagkakamali ng ibang INC members. Sa palagay ba nya wala siyang nagawang kasalanan? Baka nga yung religion nya ang mas maraming nagawang kasalanan compare sa INC members sa kabuuan.Kung nagkamali ang member ng INC huwag naman sanang lalahatin. Kanya kanya namang dala iyan in between God and an individual person. Ang tao ano ba ang panama nya sa Dios? Ang Dios ang maghuhukom sa lahat ng bagay. Sa ngayon ang aral ang dapat saliksikin kung saan ka makakatiyak ng kaligtasan at hindi yung saliksikin ang pagkakamali ng ibang miyembro and in real truth mas grabe pang kasalanan ang nagagawa ng ibang religion kesa sa INC members at mas marami pa sa kanila ang pumapatay at talagang makasalanan. Regarding doon sa tinitira nila na INC member, wala akong masasabi ipaubaya na lang sila sa desisyon ng Dios. Ganoon ang pagkakilala nila matindi ang pagmamalsakit nila sa bahay ng Dios kaya nagawa nila iyon bunga ng silakbo ng galit nila sa kalapastanganang ginawa ng tao para sa bahay ng Dios.Hindi na sila nakapagisip ng mabuti dahil tao lang sila. Pero siguro nagawa nila iyon dahil sa mataas ang respeto at pagkakilala nila sa bahay ng Dios. Hindi ako maghahatol sa ginawa nila ipaubaya lahat ito sa Dios. At doon sa mga naglalantad sa istoryang ito, sa palagay nyo ba na ang mga taong nagoobserba at nagsasaliksik sa katotohanan mahihikayat ninyo? Lalo lang ninyong pinatitibay ang pananampalataya ng nakatanggap ng tunay na aral ng Dios. Hindi kami sa tao naglilingkod at ito ang laging tinuturo sa amin at hindi kami naghahatol ng kapwa …At kung gusto nyong magresearch alamin ninyo na talagang kaunti lang ang palpak sa member ng INC comparing to other religion and we can prove it. Kasi ang INC members sa kabuuan ay mga disiplinado at malaki ang takot sa Dios dahil lagi ito ang tinuturo ang magpakabait sa kapwa, sa kapatid at higit sa lahat ang maging dapat sa Dios. Hindi sa amin tinuturo ang manira ng kapwa. May lesson kami ng religion comparison pero hindi ibig sabihin sinisiraan ang ibang religion kundi inahahayag lang ang buong katotohanan kung paano ang dapat gawin upang kilalanin ka ni Cristo sa tamang paglilingkod.. Dahil hindi mo malalaman ito kung hindi ito ituturo.

    • okie dokie ⋅

      bulag ka!

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  66. eliasthesucker ⋅

    felix manalo is a real rapist

  67. vanessa palagud ⋅

    ako si vanessa palagud dating myembro ng Iglesia ni Manalo kulto tumiwalag po ang tatay ko kasama kaming maganak nya pagkat di na nya maatim ang pamemera ng minstro dito sa manaoag pangasinan

  68. ABDUCTED ⋅

    Meron akong INC na GF at umalis sya sa INC. ..ang gnawa ngayon ng INC ay inubduct sya.. .at dinala sa malayo. .pati mga ministro nila nagsinungaling. para hindi lang mapahiya. .naku naman. .wlang hiya kayong KULTO NI MANALO. sa korte tayo magkikita.

    • conrad ⋅

      nilayo lang yan ng pamilya nya sayo. relihiyon po ang INC, hindi DSWD. Gagawa lang ng kwento, wala pang detalye.

  69. okz ba ⋅

    Felix Manalo, born on May 10, 1886 in Taguig, Philippines, was baptized a Roman Catholic. In his teenage years, Manalo became dissatisfied with Roman Catholic theology. According to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church or the Aglipayan Church was his major turning point but Manalo remained uninterested since its doctrines were mainly Catholic. He started seeking through various denominations, including the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 1904, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church,[17] entered the Methodist seminary, and became apastor for a while.[18] Manalo left the Methodist church in 1913, and associated himself with atheist and agnostic peers

  70. elpidio karinyo ⋅


  71. joe ⋅

    doesn’t matter what you will say none of you pagans will be saved anyways and if this is all about religion and you catholics think you got it good just because your church been for a couple of thousand years ago big deal. lets look at all the sexual enuendos of your get the freak on papal chambers. yeah like pope innocent who on his death bed got breast fed. how about your pope alexander the 6th who was he? oh yeah Rodrigo Borgia who was a sex hound allyour popes who sex addiks screwing prostitutes murdering millions for gold and oh yeah the innquisition lets not forget about that… you all call yourself true diciples of christ more the devil oh give me 2 thousand and ill get your daddy out of pergatory says the pope on a rope..anything to descreted the church of christ hehehe stupid you guys have nothing better to do cause you all know your freak’n wrong. and lets get down to the point you all are basically afraid of us.. your all afraid of the truth like your father the devil.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  72. gwapo ⋅

    aba may mga totoo talagang maraming uusig sating mga Iglesia ni Cristo, sabagay nakasulat naman yon sa Bible. sya nga pala nakasulat ba sa Bible ang name ng Religion nyo?

  73. gwapo ⋅

    aba totoo talagang maraming uusig sating mga Iglesia ni Cristo, sabagay nakasulat naman yon sa Bible. sya nga pala nakasulat ba sa Bible ang name ng Religion nyo?

  74. gwapo ⋅

    Basahin mo sa Roma 16 16 kung anong pangalan ng Iglesia na Tinayo ni Cristo. Palibhasa sarado ang mga isipan nyo pag dating sa katotohanan.

  75. mdm782010 ⋅

    mga Iglesia ni Manalo baka gusto nyo nman magbigay ng public apology sa pamilya ng mga biktima kahit na miyembro ang sangkot dito damay din ang pangasiwaan dito.

  76. Teodorico Asuncion ⋅

    Wala talagang mabuting aral sa loob ng INC komo tanyag ang kanilang samahan ngunit malayo sila sa tunay at tutuong pagsamba sa ating mahal na Panginoon.Maramingha INC na nagkakasala at ito’y inililihim ng pamunuan ng INC para hindi masira ang kanilang samahan.Mga wala ring budhi ang mga INC mangkakamkam din sila ng lupang hindi run nila pagaari.Kayong mga INC dapat sainyo ay paparusahan ng ating mahal na Panginoon sa inyong mga kasinungalingan at kabulastugan na ipinagsasabi ninyong huling sugo ng Panginoon si ka Felix at saka Angel of the East na sinasabi ninyo.Paano naging huling sugo at Angel of the East si ka Felix? Mayroon ba kayong sapat na katibayan na magpapatunay na siya na nga?Baka si ka Felix ang huling sugo ni Satanas na siyang naghahasik ng kadimunyuhan dito sa lupa.Kung ano ang pinuno ay Satanas satanas din ang kanyang mga alagad.

  77. Teodorico Asuncion ⋅

    Ito pa ang sinasabi ng INC,Dr. Jose Rizal will go to he’ll for the sin of being born before Felix Manalo’s INC.Paano mapupunta sa he’ll si Dr. Jose Rizal siya ang Diyos na makapangyarihan sa lahat baka kayong mga INC ang maitapon sa he’ll ni Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal dahil hindi ninyo kinikilala ang kanyang nagawa at kilalaning ating pangalawang Panginoon na dadating sa takdang panahon.Sabagay kung sinuman ang hindi kumilala kay Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal ay mayroong naitalagang kaparusahan bawat isa sa atin na hindi kumikilalang siya ang ating Diyos na makapangyarihan sa lahat.Tignan sa takdang oras kung saan kayo at kung sino sa atin ang maunang papasukin ni Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal sa pintuan ng kanyang kaharian saTEMPLO ng Bagong Jerusalem.Siguraduhin ninyong kayo’y makakapasok sa loob ng kaharian ng ating Panginoon dahil kung hindi baka kayong mga INC ang hindi makakasama sa 1/3 na matitirang papolasyon sa buong sanlibutan pagdating ni Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal sa katauhang KRISTONG TAGALOG na buhay na ating makakapiling habang panahon.

  78. vergel husayan ⋅

    naiingit cla dahil ngttagumpay ang INC s boung mundo kya nghahanap cla ng paraan pra crain ang INC.

    • Bcoz Ur Blind ⋅

      Always stick to Blind Rules

      Rule no.1 Kapag hindi mo alam ang issue,sabihin mo gawa gawa lang yan at hindi totoo yan.

      Rules no.2 Kapag ang issue ay kumpirmado at hindi talaga maitatanggi,sabihin mo na lang tao tayo nagkakasala at nagkakamali.

      …wala talaga tayong magagawa sa mga taong bulag.

  79. shadowmoon ⋅

    sana di na lang nagdahilan yung member ng inc na nagpopost dito, rason kc ng mamamatay tao eh… tae lang papatay ka na? lumalabas talagang kahit away lang sa basketball ay papatay nga talaga kayo, at kung hindi ito kinukunsinte, bakit doon pa mismo sila pinatay sa kapilya?bakit hindi na lang sa ibang lugar? dahil akala nyo siguro kahit makita ito ng myembro nyo na pumapatay kayo ayos lang? nakalimutan nyo na isa sa witness jan sa artikulong yan ay inc member na tiniwalag dahil tumestigo laban sa mga myembrong ito ng inc, at hindi lang basta myembro, diacono pa, di naman ito paninira sa inc, totoo kcng nangyayari eh, yung tungkol naman sa libro na mukhang sumisira sa inc, sabi nyo tsismis lang at sa salitang “tsismis” ay nangangahulugang hindi sinuri o pinagaralan, ayaw nyong paniwalaan hindi ba? bakit ang komiks na ipinapakalat at iniindorso pa ng inyong ministro sa net25 na naglalaman pa ng malalaswa ika nga ng mga ministro nyo ay pinapaniwalaan nyo? bakit pag kayo ang maninira sa isang tao ayos lang? pero pag yung isang taong yan naglabas ng katotohanang makasasakit sa grupo nyo ay galit na galit kayo at halos gusto nyo ng patayin dahil sa aral nyong liko na bunubulgar nya? di nya yon ginagawa para siraan ang iglesia nyo, kundi gisingin ang puso nyo na sana mailayo kayo sa nalalapit na kapahamakan… marami ditong ex-inc member na nagpapatunay kung anong klaseng mga tao meron sa inc, kung totoong matatalino kayo, papalag kayo sa hipnotismo ng likong aral ni manalo, hayag na hayag naman na lahat ng kalokohan ng mga ministro at myembro ng inc, at inaamin din yon ni manalo, at sa may mga naging problema sa inc member, ipagpasaDios nyo na lang yan, baka magaya lang kayo sa limang biktima ng salvage, gaya ng block voting, pagkakaisahan lang kayo. walang hustisya sa loob ng kapilya nila gaya ng aral nilang “sa labas ng iglesia walang kaligtasan”, kaya ng ganon na lang kung pumatay sila kc sentensyado na rin lang naman sa apoy ang nasa labas ng inc bakit hindi pa tuluyan? ganyan lang po ang mangyayari sa inyo wag na lang kayong magreklamo, mas makabubuti pa ito sa inyo… this would be my first and last post, ang katotohanan ay masakit, pero kung ito lang ang lunas, bakit mo iiwasan?

  80. king ⋅

    ang dami ng mess. nhlo ko kakabasa.

  81. king ⋅

    share ko nrn.. experience ko sa inc.. almost a year dn aq ng pa doktrina sa inc.. dahil may gf aq n mmber nla..almost 4yrs dn. kme kya pra d cya mtwalag sa inc aq nlng yung ng give ok nmn sa knla priority k pag member ka. madami clng bgay n tnuro sa akin at kramhan puro kabutihn..at tama pro beside cla then ng bbreak nun… nung mlpt nko m bautismhan i find out na yung gf q n inc na may paninndgan sa dyos at aral nla ay may ka relasyon n plng iba. ang msakit nung dpa Inc .. kung baga sa kanila sanlibutan pa.. then we broke up. ang masasbi q sa mga inc msyado cla mdaming dhlan d nauubusan.. kht mali na pag ppltng tama pa cla.. d q n tnloy yung pag iinc n yan. dhil mismo cla sumcra ng aral nla . ang dame ko png daanan nun buong family nla sobrang tapang.. lalo n pag d mmber ng inc.. nq bypass ka..

    – i also got this story of my friend whos has gf then na inc.. d rn cya inc ayaw nung mgulang dn nung babae sa knya.. dumtng yung time na nabuntis nya yung babae.. but suddnly of course ayaw nung parrents.. kya pinaabort nung family nung girl yung baby which 3months old baby .. ang katwran mttwalag sa INC… grabe cla sobrang sama.. waglang mtwalag pumatay ok lng… isang araw dn bnurol ung abort n baby.. nklagay sa grapon.. kinha nya dun sa family.. grabe tlga…

  82. Pingback: Iglesia Ni Cristo Ang Dating Daan Junior | Tips for Dating

  83. christian ⋅

    Hindi po ba bawal ang member ng iglesia ni cristo ang sumanib sa union? bakit dito sa amin sa selecta sa pasig 2 ang miyembro at hindi pa basta miyembro..mga opisyales pa at sila pa ang aktibo sa pag strike dito sa compound ng selecta at nanghaharang ng mga truck…isa po ako bagong miyembro at nakaka dismaya lang po na makakita ng mga matatagal ng miyembro na aktibo sa union..miyembro sila ng pasig at montalban chapter…saang site ko ba dapat idaan reklamo ko para mapasyalan ang mga miyembro dito na sobrang aktibo sa union.


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