Former Arroyo spokesman broker’s Villar-INC meeting

By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 15:18:00 03/19/2010

BACOLOD CITY – Nacionalista Party standard bearer and Senator Manuel Villar on Friday met with leaders of the local Iglesia ni Cristo church here through a former spokesperson for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“It’s more because of personal ties rather than anything political,” Malacañang’s former deputy spokesman Anthony Golez told reporters.

Golez said Villar was one of the principal sponsors at his wedding. He also said Villar treated his wife, former Representative Soraya Jaafar-Golez like an adopted daughter.

The former Palace official is seeking the congressional seat of the lone district of Bacolod City under the Nationalist People’s Coalition banner.

Golez said that he had long informed Ms Arroyo of his decision to seek an elective office under the NPC banner.

It’s been a while, he said, since he last spoke to the President.

Villar’s courtesy call on the local INC leaders at their church in the city lasted no more than 20 minutes.

Golez said that while Villar’s NP and the NPC have a local coalition slate in Bacolod City, the NPC was still waiting for its national leadership’s decision on whom to endorse for President in the May 2010 elections.

Villar barnstormed Negros Occidental without his NP slate. He made a whistlestop at the Libertad Market in the city.

He was to proceed to the Sagay City Mall and join the Sagay City town fiesta at the city plaza.

Villar was expected in the cities of Capiz and Victorias later Friday afternoon.


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