Bloc Voting and INC and the Marcoses

Research by Maria Althea Teves, Newsbreak | 09/01/2009 3:06 PMño-manalo

Bloc Voting

The INC is noted for voting as a bloc during elections, guiding its membership through to its Tagubilin or circulars.

The doctrine is the Executive Minister’s “parting words and reminders” given after every worship service and followed by the worshippers to “show we are one force,” said an INC member.

The INC contributed to former President Joseph Estrada’s win in the 1998 elections. His ouster through the January 2001 Edsa 2 uprising displeased a lot of INC members.

April of the same year spurred the Edsa 3 Revolution, gathering thousands of INC members and Estrada supporters. They contested the legitimacy of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s presidency.

In 2002, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism reported that Ka Erdy himself wanted to support now-Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson.

Quoting Lacson’s aide, the PCIJ report said that Ka Erdy saw that Ping “will likely succeed Erap.” According to the report, this worried Arroyo during her 2001-2004 term as President.

But Ka Erdy’s support for Lacson did not prevent President Arroyo from courting the church. The church eventually offered their support for Arroyo’s presidential campaign in the 2004 elections.

INC and the Marcoses

When he was still in power, the late President Marcos paid visits to the INC headquarters in Quezon City and was a regular well-wisher at Ka Erdy’s birthday celebrations. The Marcos-INC relationship catapulted the minority church to the same level of influence with the Catholic and Protestant church.

According to the PCIJ report, the church came close to being divided when the INC directed its members to vote for Marcos in the 1986 elections. Some members voted for Corazon Aquino. The INC ministers then reportedly conducted house-to-house visits to compel members to confess who they voted for.

However, because too many voted for Aquino, church leaders reconsidered their decision and asked members to write letters of apology to the church instead.


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  1. Ramil Parba ⋅

    Ang INC laging kumakampi kung sino ang nakapuwesto. Balimbing!

  2. read me

    Any question to this matter??

    about the Iglesia ni cristo’s block voting??

    Lets discuss this here!!


  3. JanFrex ⋅

    suya lang moh,,,,jejeje

  4. kagaguhang report naman simulat sapul hindi sumasali ang INC sa anumang kaguluhan mas lalu na yung mga bagay na makasisira sa reputasyon ng INC. Hindi ganun ka hangal ang mga opisyales ng inc mas lalu na kung pag uusapan ay kapakanan ng INC lakas man @ kapangyarihan ang ugnay dito ALAM LAHAT ng member ng INC yan ! dahil yan ang naging doktrina sa amin bago kami naanib @ sumampalataya ! alam ng INC ang mga bagay na makasisira sa relasyun namin sa dyos ayaw ng INC sa kaguluhan @magiging magulo! TALINO @ SAMPALATAYANG MAY GAWA ang ARMAS ng IGLESIA ni CRISTO sa mga TAONG may masamang kaisipan TULAD MO ! ang panlaban ng INC sa sinumang KUMAKAAWAY NITO

  5. elpidio karinyo ⋅


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